Crowd levels - is a 10 always a 10?

I thought I remembered reading somewhere that TP CL are different at different times of year. If not, please correct me. My AK day changed to an 8. When I went in a VERY busy week in November 2017, AK was a 7 (ended up being a 9 in actual) and it felt VERY crowded.

This time we are going at a not as busy time, and AK says 8. Will it feel the same, or is an 8 different depending on the time of year? I am trying to stay positive!

Sorry for asking so many questions.

As a rule, 10 means 10, with the exception of the 4th of July, and the week from Christmas to New years… where a 10 can range from 11-13, which are all undefined by nature.

Other than those very narrow circumstances, the definition of a 10 CL day is standardized.

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Okay. thanks.