Crowd Levels at Pandora Opening - Predicting Toy Story Land

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We are booked for our Irma make up trip from 5/30-6/10. I know that there is a chance that this will correspond to Toy Story Land opening at HS.

For those who were in AK last year when Pandora opened, I know that there were veeerrry long lines for the Pandora attractions, but what did the rest of AK feel like? I looked at the crowd calendar and from Memorial day weekend through the beginning of June it looked like the “what we saw” crowd levels were a blend of 6,7,8’s.

Did the opening of Pandora make all of AK super crowded, or just the Pandora attractions?

Wondering if I will need to change HS plans, especially for a shorter day I have planned there (with no Toy Story Land contemplated).


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I’m curious as to what Touring Plans predict if TS does open open by next summer. AK levels immediately rose to 9s and 10s after Pandora opened.

My completely unscientific prediction is that little will change. I don’t see Toy Story land as being the huge event that Pandora has been. Plus, I’m think Disney World as a whole may see a drop in attendance next year as those who don’t visit the park yearly will wait for Star Wars to open in 2019.

I wasn’t there but from what I’ve read, other parts of AK were practically walk ons, particularly at RD when 90% of the crowd headed for Pandora and into a 3 hour line.

My family was at AK June 23rd and June 30th, 2017 (about a month after Pandora opened). Outside of Pandora, crowds were manageable during daylight hours. I did notice an influx of people pouring in in the evening on June 23rd around 9:30 pm with half flowing towards Pandora and the other half towards ROL. Pandora had night time EMH every day at this time. Walking to Dinoland was like swimming up river, but Dinosaur was a walk on.

We had a Tusker House breakfast at 8:30 am (AK opened at 8 am) on June 30th. We didn’t go near Pandora in the first 2 hours the park was opened, but no issues getting through the gates and we had the Discovery Island trails to ourselves. Africa was pretty empty. We waited less than 10 minutes for Kali just before 10 am. I was able to get day-of FPs for 4 people on EE, 2 people on Kali and 6 people on the safari.

I’m not sure what will happen to DHS when TSL opens. AK has more rides in addition to Pandora than DHS currently does. Plus, Pandora had a super headliner. I doubt the Slinky Dog coaster will pull people to DHS just to ride it.

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We were in AK when Pandora opened. Africa was mellow, especially in morning. Kili easy. Dino-land also seemed less crowded whole day. My kids are little so not sure how the other headliners were.