Crowd levels 9 and 10?

I’m looking at the current crowd levels at Universal (anticipating being there in about a year), and even in the middle of the week, Universal Studios is 8s and 9s.
The highest level WDW park, EPCOT, is just hitting 5.

Is Universal really that jam-packed??

We were just there a few weeks ago in 9 level crowds. I felt like in some areas of the parks it was regular 8-9 crowds. In others, not so much. To me, it felt like less than a pre-Covid 8 & 9. We also had EP, so could cruise right by the lines. YMMV


We’re here this week with 7-9 CLs & I was a bit concerned but it doesn’t FEEL overly crowded at all. We’ve been able to easily move thru all parts of the parks EXCEPT the HP areas which are always tight & busy, but even those aren’t jam packed. Very pleasantly surprised!


I don’t know how the CLs are calculated but I’m presuming that they’re based on pandemic-reduced capacity?

So if the park is at 50% then an 8 CL is a pre-pandemic 4 CL albeit with physical distancing etc.

Just like WDW. Wait times, not “crowds”. That’s why UOR doesn’t feel crowded on CL 8 days currently. Many factors influence the wait times.


So if live shows or more restaurants opened up and shifted guests out of attraction lines, the CL could drop even as the actual attendance went up, correct?

Here’s a photo from today… It’s packed!!


Yes very possible.

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Another thing to remember. UOR has been absorbing the folks who could not get a last minute WDW vacation because of limited park passes. PLUS, they don’t limit the capacity quite like WDW does.

This should be shifting soon. When WDW increases capacity AND with the 18 month WDW celebration.

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definitely not physically distancing

Everything is being lowered to 3 feet now. (Which translates into zero feet to most people!)

Heck… the WDW “cavalcades” were supposed to discourage people lining up and waiting. Here’s a photo from a WDW cavalcade from yesterday… (just do the parade at this point!)


That’s the Velocicoaster queue from earlier today - it’s running REALLY well & the line pretty much moves continuously :+1:

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A Universal CL9 is not the same as a Disney CL9. With a good touring plan and rope dropping, you can see and ride everything good before early afternoon. And if you have express passes, there definitely won’t be an issue with doing what you want to do.


Thanks! That’s reassuring.