Crowd Level Meanings

Does anyone have a roundabout wait time for attractions that relates to the crowd calendar. For example, my crowds are expected at a 3 or 4 for most of my trip. For the popular attractions, what do those crowds translate to in wait time?

There are links for each park

For example, MK is here:

Oh this is perfect, thank you!! Level 3 and 4 is much more crowded than I thought as far as wait times are concerned =/

An important thing to note is that the CL does not determine predicted wait times, rather predicted wait times determine the CL. Although this does not make a big difference in general, if you are looking at specific days it is better to look at the wait time predictions for that day for the attractions you are most interested in. For example, here are the wait time predictions for MK on Aug 1:


And remember those charts are for PEAK wait times on those CL days, and elsewhere on the site it states that wait times as measured from 11:00 a.m.-5 p.m. to determine those predicted CLs. Get there early for RD or stay later in the evening, many of those times will be lower.

So do you look at these times and factor that in to your Fastpass decisions?

No, I make personalized TPs for each day and use them to help me determine which FPP reservations will help me out the most.

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I do for my first three FP if they correlate well with the area that the touring plans software says I should visit in the morning. At MK, that area is mostly Fantasy Land with a quick trip to Space Mountain on the side in the morning.