Crowd level for Mon. Jan 6, 2020

Last year on the Monday after New Year’s Day (Jan. 7, 2019) the crowd level was a 6. This year the same Monday after New Years’s Day the crowd level is estimated at a 9!! Does anyone have any ideas why this would be? Wouldn’t the crowd level drop in a similar manner to last year?

I thought this was crazy too! Our Epcot day jumped to a 9 for that Monday in the last update.
Some counties in Florida don’t return to school until Tuesday, but it still seems unlikely crowds will be that high that day (fingers crossed!).

Probably higher crowds due to ROTR opening a month previously?

It is strange, but I assume holiday related. We arrive the next week (12th) and our last update was lower crowd levels (all 1 and 2, except MK at a 4). Even HS was a 1 or 2 most days so I don’t think ROTR could be to blame for your 9.

Last January had high CLs - not because of a high crowds but because they predicted cuts in staff in January. I don’t think that panned out though. And with RotR newly opened that seems unlikely. They might be overcompensating for its opening.