Crowd level for april 2018

So I am pretty sure I am planning our first trip in april. I will end up taking my son out of school for a week. I was wondering what the crowd level was looking like for the week of april 15 thru the 22. Also how is the weather that time of year?

On your dashboard, there is a link to TP’s crowd calendars. Disney Crowd Calendar. Plug in your exact dates in the date fields to see the levels for WDW as a whole and each of the four theme parks.

That is one of my favorite times of the year! The crowd calendar can be a little funny since Easter jumps around but crowds are usually reasonable. Flower and Garden and great weather!

I dont think i can since i only have a subscription to disneyland and not disneyworld. Its not letting me look at the crowd calendar

A couple of 4s, a couple of 5s, a couple of 6s

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sounds pretty good

We went 24th April for 2 and a half weeks. I can go back through photos to see if there are many pics showing crowds at the time? (will need to do from home as I’m at work currently)

I never really felt like it was too many people to deal with and the weather was really really good! I tried to time it slightly outside the busy times of the year yet still having good weather…

Thank you. I planned this time because it is after spring break and i have heard the weather is amazing at this time. I am super excited… been to disneyland california numerous times and cant wait to experience WDW

We’ll be there from 16-20! We live in GA so weather is about the same that time of year. You’ll love it. All pools are heated so don’t think twice about bringing your bathing suit!

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We’ve been that time of year 7 out of the last 10 years and love it! Great weather, low humidity, pretty low crowds (as long as you avoid Easter which you definitely would with those dates). Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival is a bonus, especially now that they have lots of food booths!

I’m from the northeast (Greater Boston area), and my son has spring break that week - but I think we’re in the minority compared with the rest of the country. So we are also going that week, from the 15th through the 20th… We had been thinking late June originally (when he got out of school) but when we compared the crowd calendar to April, there was no contest. Add in the difference in the weather, and it looks like it will be a really nice time to go. Can’t wait!

Holy smoke, I completely forgot to do this sorry!

I’ve grabbed a few different shots that sort of show crowds at different times of the day and across a few different parks (universal included)
There’s a tonne more at home but these are ones I took on my mobile so had them with me at the time of writing. (I hope they get resized when I upload them as they are a decent sized bunch of files)

Thanks for the photos. It’s really handy to see the date they were taken and then compare to the historical crowd levels for the park.

Great pics! Thanks

Not a worry at all!

I’m sure I have more that would show the crowds better but as I said these are ones off my phone, most of which are inside of or on rides, so it was a hard find for this lot. I’m hopeless at remembering to do stuff like this so hopefully i can put some more up later

undercovertourist and a few other crowd calendars list the week of April 8 - 14 as significantly busier than the following week whereas TouringPlans lists this week similar to the following one (levels of 4-6).

Any idea why TouringPlans might differ in its prediction for April 8 - 14? Which one should I trust? :slight_smile:

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We’ll be there 4/7-4/13. It’s our kids spring break but from what I gather, it’s well after most spring breaks since it’s the 2nd week after Easter. Fingers crossed…