Crowd level change for July

I just received a notification regarding crowd level change for first week of July. Overall crowd level is increase to 7 from 5 for July 3rd…

Question: Unless TP knows that Disney is going to increase the 35% cap, how is it possible for the crowd level to be a 7 in July while the overall crowd level was only 2-3 in April during the Easter holiday weekend when park passes were completely sold out across all three ticket categories?

This looks quite reasonable to me for the July 4th Holiday Weekend:

Saturday 7/3 shows MK at a 5. For reference, MK hit 5 or more 3 times around Christmas 2020. Epcot hit some high numbers also in December as well as this spring break.

Capacity numbers (35%) are an estimate, even if they say otherwise. WDW does not need to give specifics. They can do what they want and increase park passes for specific days if they see the high demand.

because crowd level refers to how long you’ll wait in line during key hours, not how many people are physically in the park.


I also got updated crowd levels for June. Most of mine went down. However, they linked to a blog post that states they expect capacity to increase to 50% by summer.

It does make sense if TP is expecting Disney to raise the max to 50%… But I really hope Disney brings back FP+ or anything like that if it is increasing the crowd level. Otherwise my trip will be a hell of never-ending wait in line.

Thank you all!

They reported recently the only way to reach herd immunity in FL right now is for children under 16 to get vaccinated. Since they opened up vaccines 16+ the clamor for shots have died down and they are concerned. WDW has already stated that we can expect some sort of mask requirements for the rest of 2021 and I think they will also have to be careful of the capacities. CMs are working 10 hr shifts due to shortage of CM being called back. WDW set up a vaccination site for CMs… they are trying to think through this and still be protective of all to include their bottom line. We’ll have to see how they move fwd.