Crowd level 9 on 2/20?

We’re Going for a quick trip at the end of February and I just did a quick check of the crowd levels. I was really surprised to see a 9 for Tuesday feb 20th. Just wondering if that number really makes sense?

It looks like numbers are up the whole week of President’s day, which makes some sense since a lot of people have Monday off. The Princess Half is the following weekend as well, and anyone in the race looking to make a longer trip of it might utilize the Holiday side instead of the week after the race.

Last year during President’s week there were crowds but with a plan I was able to do everything I planned.

I know NYC public schools are out the whole week. I think there are a number of systems especially in the Northeast that have a Winter Break that week.

We were there that same week last year too and the crowds were definitely manageable. It was so nice, we planned to do it again this year. So I was quite surprised at the 9. I guess we will see.

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Massachusetts school vacation week too

Yes! Just about everyone but Nee Hampshire !