Crowd Level 8 and TP's

I was going through our pictures and thought I would share a couple that were taken on a busy MK day. The original prediction for the day was a “6” according to TP. It ended up being an “8” however there must have been an expectation on increased crowd level as the park hours extended a few days prior to the date. On seeing the original prediction of “6” we knew the best course of action would be to get going in the morning and make RD which we did. This can be seen in the first pic of Fantasyland looking towards Peter Pan. We spent oodles of time in Momento Mori and then optimized our TP and went on to ride: Space Mountain, People Mover, FPP for A&E, CBJ, FPP for 7DMT, IASW, HM then we left the park to eat lunch at the Contemporary (and we didn’t rush) then returned to ride Splash and watch the FOF parade. Had an icecream then enjoyed some air conditioning in the stores on Main street. We returned to POP for a nap (so left around 5). Returned at 8pm. We used a TP for the time up to Wishes then used the app to determine ride waits for the rest of the evening til 3AM. The evening picture of the castle was taken at 1AM. Most rides were walk on and as it was our last day we rode everything we love (some a few times).
I would agree the park was very busy and at times walking shoulder to shoulder but we didn’t wait for rides. We optimized a few times - not sure if that is the best method but it works for us.
I thought this might help to ease any worries others might have in terms of fall crowd levels and how RD and TP can help with that.


that’s awesome. I wish I could heart all that. Great POV for the use of optimizing plans on the fly too.