Crowd Estimates for EMH Days

I’m curious about some of TP estimates on EMH Days. Specifically for MK on Wed 5/3 which has Evening Extra Magic hours and has a crowd estimate of 4. Compared to Thur 5/4 w/o EMH which has a crowd estimate of 5. I thought a day with EMH would have larger crowds.

I’m not staying at a Disney resort and would also like thoughts on what is the better day to visit MK?

I would stay away from visiting the parks with the EMH if you are not going to be able to take advantage of them. I have personally noticed the parks are more crowded on EMH days.

I agree with @NatLMain. I would avoid a park on EMH if you aren’t eligible for it.

I too was thinking its best to avoid EMH days when staying off site. But based on CL, the EMH day looks like the better choice.

A good touring plan will count for far more than the crowd levels. :grinning:

If you can’t use the EMH then it makes sense to choose another day, if you have a choice. Having said that, I have found that evening EMH has less impact on crowds than morning EMH.

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