Crowd Calendars

Touring Plans has a helpful Crowd Calendar but so does Undercover and they are substantially different. For example, Thur, Nov 30 at EPCOT is projected as a Crowd 2 on Touring Plans; but it is a 5 on Undercover Tourist? Can anyone reconcile the two?

For one thing, it looks like Undercover Tourist gives the same crowd level to each of the four parks on any given day. TP gives specific numbers for each park, plus the overall for WDW number. It looks like the UT number is an overall number, just like they state.

I appreciate your note, I’m reading a lot about dissatisfaction with the crowd calendars, so I guess we will go and enjoy!

I think some of that comes from people being disappointed when they see the crowds in the park so they automatically assume the crowd calendar was off. The prediction is based on wait times and not by the amount of people in the park. As most of us know, there is rarely (if ever) a time when WDW is dead anymore. However, your wait times will vary from day to day and that’s what the crowd calendar on TP is trying to predict.

All that being said, don’t be discouraged if you walk in and the park is swamped with people. Stick to your plans the best that you can and you will still accomplish a majority of what you want to do (if not all of it)