Crowd calendar?

Do you think the crowd calendar has already taken into account the new ticket deal so those numbers aren’t likely to change for dates starting June 10th?

This is the second time you asked the question and no one has answered in either place so I will give it a shot.

My understanding that the crowd calendar is based on historical wait times trends for the subject dates and wait time trends for the current year and adjustments for some other factors, but one of those other factors is not sales and promotions advertised by Disney.

Someone else please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks Dave! I need to get my trip booked this week. Excuse all the questions. When I used TP for WDW it seemed to cover everything and I must be missing something with the DL website.

No problem. Ask all you want. I felt bad that no one had replied to you. I go to WDW often, but have never been to DLR. But I think the CLs are determined in the same fashion for both.

Unfortunately the crowd calendar for DL isn’t as accurate as for WDW, especially since Covid. TP puts most of their energy into WDW since there aren’t as many Liners on the DL side. Also, DL is more a locals park, which means crowds can grown in the late afternoon/evening as people get off work, which isn’t part of TP’s count. I’ve pretty much stopped watching the crowd levels & just plan on it being crowded and am surprised when it’s not.

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TP CC is not accurate (TPs or expected wait times either) for DLR. I use “Is It Packed” for DLR.