Crowd calendar week of April 3rd

Hello! I just saw an IG story from Disney that more park passes have opened up for early April( 2 of us will be there 4/3-4/9) I have made my plans loosely based on the crowd calendar for that week. Will the projections change since they are allowing more in the parks that week? And does anyone think that maybe they will extend the park hours later into the evening as well? I hate that it’s still showing they close around 5-6pm the entire time we are there. Would like to get a couple of night time visits in that week. Thanks for any info y’all might have!

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I can answer the hours-extension part of your question, since I’ve been watching it closely for our mid/end of March trip.

They’re extending hours every Friday afternoon, 2 weeks out. So, this Friday, they’ll extend hours for March 13-19


@emcglone thank you for the reply! That’s promising at least. Hopefully they will extend the hours some. I love being in the parks after sundown at least once during our trip. Finger crossed :crossed_fingers:t3: