Crowd Calendar Way OFF! Dec 5-8

Crowd calendar predicted this past week would be a level 3 and 4 each day.It was nothing like this. It was sooo busy. We came over from Australia ( our 6th time) and planned our time for this past week in line with touring plans calendar as we usually do. Unfortunately it turned out to be way off the mark. The calendar now says it was crowd level 7 and 8. It was very disappointing for the calendar to be so wrong. This is definitely the busiest we have ever seen it and won’t come at this time of the year again.Not sure where to turn to for planning our next trip :frowning:

Crowd calendar was also WAY off this weekend as well. Predictions were 4-6; actuality was 8-9 every day. I’d like an explanation and a refund.

@kyrah96, I imagine you were using Touring Plans to get around the parks, right? So, what were your wait times like? I’m expecting they were still pretty tolerable if you stuck to your plan, or better yet, used the Line App to use a dynamic plan that you updated throughout the day.

I went during Memorial Day weekend this year, and while crowd levels were 8 or 9 each day, using Touring Plans still kept our waits under 15 minutes for almost everything.

As for the plans being way off, IMO the problem is TP is going off historical data, which would be fine if all factors remained the same this year as they have the past 20+… however Disney has gotten VERY good at targeting slow times of the year and offering incentives for people to come during those times. Therefore, the historical calendars are becoming less accurate.

I think this is it. We are going on New Year’s Day and it says the crowd level will be a 6 for both parks and 10/8 on the 2nd. i have a feeling that 6 is way off. The Tower of Terror’s last day is on the 1st, so I think that will be slammed. We will see.

@meyers1000, you do realize you can’t get a refund by asking in a random Forum thread, don’t you? I suggest you tag @len for an explanation and a refund.


We had the same experience in October; the crowd calendar was WAY OFF! As much as I love the information Touring Plans provides, their crowd calendar is so off the mark it is not something anyone should depend on for planning a vacation to Disneyland. Use other factors but ignore the crown calendar.

Of course it won’t help someone who has been caught off guard by a busier than predicted crowd, but it may help in the future to find a busier day–if CC is showing a 3, find a 7/8 day and build your TP off that day. I’m not sure 3s happen anymore.

My experience with the crowd calendar during my recent trip was similar - way off. I have been following everyday in January and except for rainy days the calendar has WAY underestimated the crowds. Many days predicted to be a 2 or 3 with crowds 8 to 10. What incentives has Disney been using? Curious since I’m new to Disneyland and want to know what to expect. Did they make it cheaper or easier to get annual passes? I know MSEP is something special for some people but can that account for the huge increase in crowds?. Or how about the Lunar New Year festival - is that making it so much more crowded? It doesn’t seem like those would be causing the huge increases because aren’t there usually other night time parades and this isn’t the first year for the Lunar event, right? Seems to me like the only days that will have low crowds will be rainy ones. And that means rain-less weekdays with no fireworks or night time parades when kids are in school will still see crowds at least a 7 or higher. Kind of disappointed to think that there are no times of the year where DL isn’t packed.

The incentives have not been lower prices. In fact the prices have been going up for annual passes, as well as the tickets. One-day tickets are on a flex-price depending on how crowded it is expected to be. The parks have been experimenting with raising the prices to control crowds.

That being said, DLR has been having more special events to attract people. Also, there is just more people. Ever since the 60th anniversary, there is more people everywhere

is the increase in ticket prices commensurate with inflation? everything goes up in price but maybe increases on Disneyland is relatively lower than other forms of entertainment. Also, what i was thinking of was the annual passes that can be made in monthly installments- how long have those been offered? maybe it takes sometime for people to know about promotions like that. i also heard that Disneyland was offering 50 dollar tickets to locals - not sure if that is true but that would certainly make a difference. Mostly what i was wondering about is why is there such a huge discrepency between the past and this year for crowds according to touring plans i still don’t think MSEP can account for all of that. Was touring plans just wrong somehow about the past maybe. And yes, i know there are more people on the planet including california. but i don’t think the population has doubled in the past few years as the crowd levels seemed to (according to touring plans) Don’t know - just throwing ideas out there. i know it doesn’t really matter but for me i’d like to know the reasons.