Crowd calendar seems off for week Nov 17 2019

This week is listed in several crowd calendars as low, including Dad’s as a great week, and my first visit as a week 3 choice, yet after updates now Sunday Nov 17 has overall level of 8, Monday 9, Tuesday the 19th as 8. This is the week BEFORE Thanksgiving In 2019 due to Thanksgiving coming on the 28th, so would seem to me levels should be closer to 2014 when Thanksgiving came late, not comparable to 2017 or 2018 when these days were the same week as Thanksgiving. It seems to me that Nov. 12-21 levels are now too high. Unless Star Wars land opens then, I cannot figure out why the crowd levels went up so much. Is this a mistake?

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For this sort of question you are better off e-mailing - they are usually quick to respond to queries. This is primarily a TP user forum, and although there are a lot on knowledgeable people here, we can only guess at the inner workings of the TP crowd model.

I would say crowds in general are much higher in general than 2014 so you can’t really look at that. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if Galaxy’s Edge is open by then…

I also think the most recent CC had over compensated for some of the recent trends. I’d look for an update in early Feb to correct any of that.

The most recent update trended significantly higher than past updates. We’ve been talking about this for a couple weeks now. Search for crowd levels and you’ll find a whole bunch of info on various threads. :wink: