Crowd Calendar issue on Chrome

I’m having a Crowd Calendar display issue on Chrome that just started today perhaps (maybe yesterday, did I use crowd calendar yesterday?). When I pull up the Crowd Calendar in Incognito mode, or in Internet Explorer, the page displays as expected. I thought one of my extensions could be the culprit, but when I disable the extensions one-by-one and reload, the problem persists. So there is something that is different between loading the page in Chrome and Chrome incognito that is broken. This happens on two different computers.

Anyone else having the same problem?

This is what I’m getting - basically a text-only display, no formatting:

Happens to me too

E-mail about this - it’s the best way to resolve technical issues.

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I can also email you since I’m also have these issues using Chrome. But figured to also tag you here as well.

I have found a “work around” in the meantime while you wait for TP to fix their Chrome issue. Go to Crowd Tracker (drop down) once the page loads you’ll be able to see the “jump to date” area (left of the page). I put my dates in that field and it seemed to load properly.

yeah. I’ve been doing that too. It’s still a PITA. LOL

Hoping for a fix soon.

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Thanks for this. We’re looking at it. We think it’s related to a Google Experiment that we’re running on the crowd calendar. I’ll post an update shortly. We may ask y’all for more info.

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I apologize for this problem.

Are those of you experiencing this problem using any particular security/antivirus software on your systems? This issue affects some (but not all) Chrome users, so it’s quite baffling for us.

Although this may not work in the long run, if you need a workaround for now, feel free to go directly to

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I use Avast for anti-virus.

No special security programs and to confuse matters more it happens on both PC at work (microsoft) and on my iPad. I just kind of ignore it!

I use Sophos for anti virus/security. Thanks for all your hard work keeping our obsession alive and well :slight_smile: