Crowd calendar inconsistency?

Hey folks -

I have been planning a trip to WDW for the week before thanksgiving. Traditionally this was a quieter week at the parks and until today the crowd calendar agreed with this assessment. Now however the crowd levels are high to peak, but the hourly seems to disagree with the overall crowd estimate. I always thought the overall numbers were a function of the hourly delays as labelled. What is the correct interpretation for this week, in particular Monday Nov 18, the hourly is all green at MK, but the crowd level is labelled a 10. How do I interpret that? Is there an issue in the calendar? I get how this is a confusing time due to the timing of Thanksgiving, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it tripped up the programming.

Anyway I’m trying to decide how serious to take this update and if this is our new reality how to read the calendar to pick the best places to visit on which days.

Thanks for any help!