Crowd calendar for first week in March 2019

Hi there! Last night I received emails stating that WDW park crowds had increased by VERY big margins for the first week in March. Can anyone explain what led to this big increase? Thanks

So me and my family are planning a Disney Trip for early 2020! Just like a week ago- my Disney travel agent recommended the first week of March since we were having a hard time deciding what week to pick! She told me the week is not crowded and it’s fun with the Mardi Gras celebrations! She insisted it would be good and no Spring Breakers yet, the 2nd week in March starts the Spring Breakers! So I looked at the crowd calendar and thought okay this could work. Needlessly to say, I’m shocked when I saw this too!

I literally paid for touring plans in order to find a good week to pick to go to Disney World. We settled on march 1-8th based on the crowd calender. I got the email last night of the crazy crowd changes. I’m super upset about it.

I’m just sort blown out of the water by what I would call an exponential jump in crowds. What made the Touring Plans Calendars not see this coming months ago?

They explained it in their blog posts. Fall attendance was unlike anything seen before. So their model is adjusting accordingly.

This has been discussed in depth in other posts, so check them out. In the meantime, ss @mikejs78 points out, there is a TP Blog post where the experts discuss what is going on:

And they provided you with the best projections possible based on the information available at the time. But more importantly, they also provided you with resources (pre-made touring plans, personalized touring plans, etc.) that allow you to get the best experience in the parks no matter what the crowds are.

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Thanks for the info! I’ll check them out.

I saw on another site that there is a cheer competition thing at that time. Maybe that increased crowds?