Crowd calendar download (sorta)?

With the old website I could cut the crowd calendar data for the year, paste it into a spreadsheet, and with a little editing, have an overall chart of the years predicted crowds. I’d do things like moving averages so I could pick the best overall week (or two weeks! Those were the days) for a trip. I also charted the 1-day ticket price as an indicator of likely hotel rates. Is there any way to do that with the new website? It is pretty and all, but I really like that ability to look at a chart of the whole year. Yea, crowd predictions in Feb for a trip in September aren’t going to be accurate, but still more accurate than anything else I can use.

I can see it being abused by someone grabbing the data and sharing it, so making it harder to grab a whole year may be intentional.


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Did the best days usually end up being in late August?

I’ve found it more accurate to document the historical CL’s to help with future forecasting. These pages are still available in the old format.



Yes, mid August to mid September is good (and gone several times then). Main thing is the heat can be rough. When kids were in school, a decent compromise was just before Halloween when their district had a fall break.

The other really nice time is the two weeks after Thanksgiving. Crowds not quite as low, but full festiveness and generally well staffed as it is just after the Thanksgiving rush and before the Christmas rush.

I used the rolling average chart to narrow down more precisely which days during those times.



Hmm, OK. May start with that. Still hope there is some way though, I’ll do some more tinkering, but not hopeful.


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