Crowd calendar Disneyland not showing RunDisney

I was looking at the Sept 5th to Sept 10th crowd calendar and RunDisney is not listed as an event. I assume that means its not including this in the crowd projections, correct? For reference this is the Halloween RunDisney weekend.

I know at WDW the RunDisney events cause crazy crowds so I assume the same is true for DL.


This is the first time in 7-8 years that DL is having a Labor Day weekend RunDisney event, but historically, the crowds for Labor Day weekend aren’t bad. We’ve done Labor Day both with & without a RunDisney weekend events and it’s been moderately crowded, but never as crowded as holiday weekends. The heat and the nature of Labor Day being a popular time for local crowds to go to the beaches vs. DLR balances out some of the regular traffic. The biggest difference will be that hotel prices will be crazy high, since there will be in influx of non-local guests for the RunDisney event.

Thanks for the info!