Crowd Calendar - Disneyland Annual Pass Abbreviation

Can anyone tell me what the different abbreviations mean when it comes to annual passes and the crowd calendar? We recently purchased my daughter a Southern California Select Annual Pass as she is going to college in the area and I’m looking forward at blackout dates. I’m not sure if she has the SL or SC pass.

SL is the Southern California Select which is what you would have bought recently (the SC is no longer for sale, only renewals for the past few years). Also, if you look on Disneyland’s website, go to Annual Passports, then blockout calendar, then choose her pass type and you can see the entire year at once. It’s a lot easier than scrolling through one day at a time on the Touring Plans site. Hope your daughter loves going to college so close to Disneyland!

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Thank you. I have seen the calendar on the Disney site, but seeing two codes confused me. Thanks for explaining what the SC code is. I was hoping she did not have the SL code as it is blocked out for Disneyland all of August and that’s one of the dates we hoped to go as a family. At least we can use it at DCA. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge!

She would have the SL if you just bought it, so I am confused by your statement. The SC is good for 4 days in Disneyland in August, and for 11 days in DCA. The SL is blocked completely from DL in August, and has 8 days available in DCA. The SC is blocked less than the SL, but you can only buy SL now. Looks like you need to buy her day tickets for your Disneyland park days if you are going on a family trip in August.

I just looked at the Crowd calendar a little closer, it is not accurate with black out dates on many days, so I would not look at it to pick your vacation days. For example. the TP calendar says there are no blocks for DCA on Sunday, August 25th. When you got to the Disneyland site, the So Cal Select is blocked from DCA that day. Trust the DL site. Another random day…Monday, August 12th. TP crowd calendar says Select is good in DCA, but official DL site says it is blocked.

Yes, that’s correct. I meant that as I was looking at the Touring Plans Crowd Calendar, I was hoping she wasn’t blacked out from DL for the whole month of August. But at least she can use it for DCA. :):slightly_smiling_face:

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I will definitely double-check our dates on the Disney site. Thank you again!

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