Crowd Calendar comparisons

Sorry, couldn’t resist the alliteration

I was curious: how much (if any) of an indicator is the UOR crowd calendar when compared to some of the other central Florida parks? Given the size difference, i figuree relying on the WDW calendar was pointless. But UOR seems a lot more comparable in scale to SeaWorld Orlando, for example.

So hypothetically, lets say on any given day USF is predicted to be a 5. Would SeaWorld be more likely to be higher, the same, or lower?

I’d say per day, different. Each park and resort pulls from different markets so the inputs into UOR won’t be the same for SWO, FunSpot, or WDW. But I’d say a weekly average of UOR will equate to local parks, so if a week if full of 7s and 8s i’d expect SWO to be crowded that week but if there is a UOR CC 5 thrown in there I don’t think it would equal a SWO “5”.

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