Crowd Calendar and Wait Times Nov. Up-To-Date?

We’re booked for 4-10 days at the parks, with a group of 11 (coming and going different days), Thanksgiving Week (I know, I know…it couldn’t be helped). First time off-site too…most complicated trip I’ve ever been in charge of. I hate crowds (Thanksgiving week scares the crap out of me as everyone follows my lead there), and I’m a little OCD, so I’m starting the details of my plans, as I get ADR’s this week. I just pulled up 11/22 (Monday of Thanksgiving week). MK went from a 10 to a 7 overall (from when I started planning in the Summer), and the hours are much shorter than the prediction earlier (again from my early Summer) as MK was slated to have a late night (not a party) and now it’s 9am-9pm. The attraction wait times don’t even look like a 7? Are these up-to-date? The pic is just something I like to do/reference as I plan…I do use the plans tool here. I just don’t want to waste time now if I need to do it closer…are the crowd cal. & attraction wait times for November accurate (at least at this point, I know things can change). I looked forever to see when these get updated…thanks!

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The crowd calendar and wait times in general aren’t super reliable this year because of covid. I’d say based on hotel availability, expect high crowds and long waits. Park hours have been cut back due to staffing, so I wouldn’t count on late nights at any of the parks, unless there is a paid after hours event.

I’ll be in the parks the week of Thanksgiving as well. I built my ideal touring plan at the beginning of the year and have made adjustments as projections have changed. I’ve re-optimized my plans multiple times and will probably do it again right before we leave. There are many variables that can’t be accurately accounted for (ROTR standby lines, Remy virtual queue) until more data is collected so we’re just going to embrace a level of spontaneity on this trip and smash the optimize button on the lines app multiple times during the day.

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Thanks Stewbot, exactly what I needed! I’ll make plans and optimize as we go. First time really using the Lines app as we should and I’m making them all stick to it this time (I’m sending them all the great article here on the difference between posted wait and TP actual wait)! See you at Thanksgiving!

LOL so since yesterday the crowd calendar is back up to level 10 from 7 (MK Mon., Nov. 22). Optimize is going to be my best friend!