Crowd Calendar and Cosmic Rewind's Debut (Epcot)

We will visit WDW in late-May. We were planning to visit Epcot on 5/27. WDW recently announced that Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind will open the day we were planning to visit. Now we are considering changing our date to visit Epcot and going the day before (5/26). We have a couple of reasons for considering the change: (a) Cosmic Rewind likely will already be available the day before, in “soft open;” and (b) we are concerned that Epcot will be overrun the day that the attraction opens and this additional number of people will spill over to the other attractions in the park. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks so much, in advance!!

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I think your logic is sound; however, if Cosmic Rewind is a must-do for you, I would not change your date. It’s risky. There has been no confirmation that the ride will soft open before 5/27.

(It’s also not guaranteed you would ride on the day it premiers, but at least it will for sure be open.)


Most attractions in recent years have not soft opened. Instead, they usually do media previews the day before and special ticketed previews for different groups (DVC, Annual Passholders D23 members, cast). I wouldn’t count on it being open before the 27th.


I am also curious about what you think will be the impact on crowds. I assume more people will be in the park that day, 5/27, when the ride launches, but will that be enough people to impact wait times at the other attractions or will it be more localized at Cosmic Rewind?

Unless I was a die-hard fan of GotG and just HAD to ride on opening day, I would not go near EP on the 27th. Yes it will be mobbed. Yes, there will be a lot of spill-over to other attractions. And with the park reservation system and no hopping until 2:00, everyone will be “stuck” in the park (unless they just decide to go back to the hotel). UNLESS Disney uses pre-sold LL+ for the ride, therefore limiting the number of people going to it. And I expect all of those to be gone by 7:01. These are just guesses, but with as popular as GotG is, AND it being a coaster, I have to imagine the worst. OR, they will open it as SB only which means it will have 6+ hour waits within minutes of RD and all of the people who hoped to ride will decide it’s not worth that long a wait and go to other attractions. A lot will depend on what strategy Disney decides to use.