Crowd Calendar Accuracy

Hi all, I live in socal and wanted to go to Disneyland this summer- we are moving to the east coast and want to get one last trip in! My husband isn’t the biggest fan of Disney or crowds but will go and make the most of it if the crowds aren’t terrible. He is off for the next couple of weeks and I thought a weekday would be best. We were looking at 7/23 because it says crowds are a 6…anything higher I think he would be miserable. How accurate are the crowd calendars? They still have single-day tickets left for that day, but I am afraid it will go up the closer we get to that date. Does that happen typically? Normally, I’d wait to make a decision until a couple days before, but now we have to buy tickets ahead of time and make a reservation. Thank you all!

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The crowd calendar isn’t super accurate right now for a multitude of reasons (primarily because the parks just reopened after Covid so there isn’t a lot of data), so I wouldn’t base a decision simply off of that. However, there are a couple of indicators that could help:

  • if a day still has reservations left even though other days around it are sold out
  • weekdays are generally less busy due to locals being at work / school
  • Friday is better than Saturday or Sunday

I say just go and be prepared for crowds, but pleasantly surprised if it’s not as crowded.