Crowd back to "normal"

After a rough start this yeah (January and Febuary), the crowd level seems to be back to normal.
We’re at WDW right now and our Touring Plan is really working Great.
Maybe WDW increased his staff compared to January and Febuary.

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TP doesn’t share your optimism.

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I was going to say the same as @SneakyPete I’d love to think you’re right, but I haven’t heard a lot of that just yet. In fact more than once since Wednesday I’ve heard the very opposite.

Still, I’m psyched for you that you’re having a stellar time!

In fact a FB member just posted that the CL at MK is way off, filling up the furthest parking lot, and wait times high.

After all, CL wasn’t that off this week-end (within 1 of TP’s projection for an average of 7). That wasn’t that bad for a week-end.

Last week was great:

  • Wed 02/28: CL 2 (projected 4) at HK
  • Thu 03/01: CL 4 (projected 5) at MM
  • Fri 03/02: CL 4 (projected 4) at EP
    These were far from the CL 6-8 from week days of Jan/Feb (when projected CL was at 2-5).

I’ll keep an eye this week.