Crowd at AK on opening day of Pandora

Without planning, I realized our trip includes the opening day of Pandora at AK! What do you think crowds will be like May 27 and 28, 2017?

I would expect them to be crazy with three digit wait times for both rides and, maybe, even a phased closure of the park.

Wow! Has AK ever had a closure? I expect @Markgrowlands is right!

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Good Lord, we’ll be there in June 11th. I hope it’s not a madhouse!!

If there’s any chance you’ll be returning to WDW in the future, I’d wait to try to see Pandora. It will be crazy. Hopefully the other parks will be less busy, but it might be busier everywhere that weekend because of the opening. It’s been a long time since something like this opened.

I’d have to assume AK will be at a crowd level of 11 on a 1-10 scale.

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Is it weird that I’m excited that AK is going to get a serious boost of [hopefully sustained] traffic out of this?

Do you think the 28th will be less crazy as far as possible ride breakdowns, etc?

I think we should look to FEA’s and ROL’s experience with breakdowns and not be too hopeful for the 28th. If the rides experience any breakdowns, no one knows how long they will be sustained.

The first days are going to be crazy why i am here insane. I think it will last a few months esp on weekends.

Easily crowd level 11. And yes i agree with @Markgrowlands there may be capacity reached. If you want any chance to ride and you were not one of the lucky few to score a fastbpass I think your only chance to ride would be to board one in the last 10 mins of park closure and have a good book to wait on line with.

As to breakdowns. Yeah it will happen. These rides and such will be cycling non stop hntil something breaks down. It WILL happen. Maybe you could score a fast pass for it.