Critique My Plans

We are heading to Disneyworld in three weeks beginning the day after Easter and I was hoping the group could give me their thoughts on the touring plans I have put together. First some background, it will be myself, my wife, and my two daughters (ages 8 and 5). We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge and our flight lands around 11:00 AM on Monday and we are using that day as a pool day. Tuesday will be HS, Wednesday MK, Thursday pool day, Friday MK. I am using some assumptions for where I have put the times for certain rides like Slinky Dog and 7DMT. I also set it to the slowest walking setting, we may be quicker than that but I err on the conservative side for that. We will have Genie+ for all three park days. The plan is also to utilize the early park access for resort guests.

Park Day 1 - Hollywood Studios (Currently labeled as a level 5 day on the crowd calendar)

The Plan is to be ready by 7:00 AM and get a LL for SD. I have been checking it around then the last few mornings and it seems that if you are signed in right at 7:00 AM you can get a reservation for it. If we are able to get the SD reservation the Plan will be to rope drop Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway and then try and get down to the Tower of Terror early. If SD reservations don’t work out the plan would be to get a reservation for Mickey and Minnie and then rope drop SD. My kids have not seen Star Wars, but do like space. If after I get SD I can get a decent time for Rise of the Resistance with the ILL I would likely do it.

Park Day 2 - Magic Kingdom (Currently labeled as a level 6 day on the crowd calendar)

Plan here is to rope drop and go to Buzz Lightyear and follow that up with SM. I know that from a waiting perspective that it makes more sense to do SM first, the issue there is I feel a little bad having my 5 year old who likely won’t be going on SM have to sit and wait while we go on a ride to start the day. My hope is to be able to get those two rides done earlier in the morning without using a LL reservation for SM, but if that is unrealistic please let me know. Looking at the past few mornings at the wait times for the rides in that area (Speedway, Mad Hatter, Dumbo, Barnstormer) havent been awful early in the morning so the hope would be to knock those out first. As I stated in an earlier post, currently extended hours are set for this day, if they do not change it to 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM and keep it starting at 9:00 I am going to try to bring my 8 year old to it.

Park Day 3 - Magic Kingdom (Currently labeled as a level 5 day on the crowd calendar)

The plan here is to rope drop to Peter Pan and use my first LL reservation for Splash Mountain. After Peter Pan we would head to Frontierland and do BTM and Splash in some order and hopefully squeeze in Pirates before the parade starts at Noon. We have dessert part reservations for the fireworks so we would try to leave the park around 1:00, take a break at the hotel, and then head back in around 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM.

Thank you for everyone’s help, I know I was quite wordy here but the last time we went to Disney was September 2018 and from what I have read is that I should be expecting a wildly different crowd level and I just want this to go well

I’m not great at critiquing touring plans, but I do have a couple of thoughts about your overall plans.

On your HS day, if you have a particular time that you want for SDD, it is advised to wait for the drop at 7:08. Sometimes it is as late as 7:11. Just keep refreshing. Then you can go for RotR at that 7:17 drop. You can read about the drops in the pinned post.

My second thought is that on your first MK day you may consider going to SM first as a group and getting RS. Then one pair can ride SM while the other rides Buzz. After, you can all ride Buzz, then the RS pair can go ride SM while the other pair rides Buzz again or gets a snack or something.


I was going to say the same thing about going to Space first and setting up rider swap and then taking the five year old on Buzz maybe twice.

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