Critique my plan!

Here is a rough outline of our FIRST trip to WDW, 11/24/17 (Black Friday) – 12/2/17 (Saturday). We’re Disneyland veterans…DH (36) and I (41) will be staying at Poly on rented DVC points! We have not booked airfare yet, but I’m wondering if $344 RT for a nonstop flight from LAX is cheap/reasonable/expensive? No Dining Plan. We are doing a day at each park, plus MVMCP and an extra day at Epcot (no Park Hoppers). We enjoy adult beverages, hence all the drinking you will find in this itinerary. :beers:
F, 11/24: Hoping to arrive at MCO between 4-6pm. Magical Express, Check into Poly, then Monorail Resort Bar Crawl (start at GF, then C, end at “home”: Poly). Look at Christmas décor.
S, 11/25: Sleep in (due to time difference / previous nights’ cocktails), Make it to Epcot – WS by noon for “Drink/Snack/Holidays Around the World”, ending with Illuminations - Advice on the Dessert Party???
S, 11/26: A day off already?! I really want to do the Sunday Brunch at Raglan Road, Characters In Flight, shopping, Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, maybe an early-ish night?
M, 11/27: Rope drop @ HS. Thinking about the Fantasmic Dining Pkg. for Brown Derby, may also just do the lounge. May do lounge at ‘50’s Primetime for lunch. We’ve done Fantasmic! at Disneyland lots – do we really need to do it at WDW?
T, 11/28: Sleep in, 12 noon ADR for Afternoon Tea @ GF. Doing MVMCP in the evening, ADR for Liberty Tree Tavern (what’s a good time? I know we can enter MK as early as 4pm…4:30? 5? Will I be ready to eat that early after tea at noon? Probably!) No drinking, so can probably make…
W, 11/29: Rope Drop @ Epcot – FW and anything in WS we didn’t get to Saturday. Rest up a bit. Try for a California Grill ADR for dinner.
T, 11/30: AK – Rope drop or stay late? I’d like to try for lunch at Sanaa, but would that take too much time? Try to make an ADR at ‘Ohana back at Poly for dinner.
F, 12/1: MK – Focus on what isn’t at Disneyland. Dinner: Try for BOG ADR.
S, 12/2: Early (-ish) Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare (Because Alice and Pooh!), check out / depart for MCO.

Any advice?

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Sounds great. Love the plan. Especially the built in " sleep ins" lets be honest, who really wants to get up an go everyday. Love the way you spaced out the breaks as well. On your AK day I would suggest splitting it up. Do RD and get in your must do’ s then head out for Saana for a late lunch or early dinner. Explore the resort a little and head back to AK for the ROL viewing. You’d be giving up Ohana though. Not sure if you’re willing to do that. Anyway that’s how we have our AK day planned. Midday break, head over to AKL for early dinner and back to AK for the nighttime safari and ROL.


After illuminations, you can exit the international gateway and view the decorations at BC, YC and Boardwalk. You can get bus to DS if Epcot closed and transfer to bus to Poly or grab and Uber to the poly.

I did a weekend at DLR at the end of February. It was cold and rainy. I need to go bank to see sunny southern California. I didn’t adust well to the time change so staying up late will be easier for you.

The price for the flight doesn’t sound bad. I flew AA because they had directly flights to LAX. Saves time. Also, we took a redeye east/home and slept on the plane. If that is an option it would give you more time on the first day to view Christmas decorations. AKL, WL are decorated and many long-term campers at FW also decorate.


Thanks for taking a look and giving feedback! :blush:

Rgjones.1: I have learned from past vacations, that with such full, exciting days, getting up early does not usually happen, LOl! So instead of planning it, and then when it can’t/doesn’t happen and it throws the whole day off, I just plan to start later and if we can get moving early/earlier, it’s a bonus!
I think your advice for AK will be incorporated. Try to hit a lot of rides early, and since it seems like it will take some time to get from AK to Sanaa (and back), better make it a late lunch/early dinner/break from the park/explore the AKL, with the ROL viewing the main attraction back at AK. This nighttime safari you mention, is that an extra cost? I have not even bothered to do much research on Pandora so far…
I can try to sneak 'Ohana in somewhere else, maybe Sunday night?

If we can still walk(!), we will try to check out the decorations at BC, YC and Boardwalk.
Sorry your CA trip was rained on! Recently, we had a weeklong storm, and then the next week it was almost 90! :disappointed:
I am so tempted to book the flight right now. My SIL, who has gone to WDW many times, says it’s a decent price. I really like the times, and I’d like to choose my seats while there’s something to choose from, LOL! Redeye is not an option - we’ve done it to NYC - not a fan! We’re not good at sleeping on planes and since we won’t be able to get into the room until (much before) 4pm, there’s no reason to get there earlier as we’d only want to sleep.
I would like to find time to visit WL, seems like the holiday decor would be amazing…

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We reserved one of our FPP for Kilimanjaro Safari for the 7:45pm to 8:45pm timeslot to assure a sunset/nighttime view. So no extra money type safari. We really wanted to do the Starlight Safari ($75 pp) which departs at AKL at 10pm but no availability for our dates. Looked kinda fun. Only about an hour long but they drive you around the safari at night and gibe you night vision goggles to view the animals. Kinda worked out anyway with the RoL show I dont think we would of made it back to AKL in time.

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Rgjones.1: Thanks for the info - Would you believe I didn’t even realize that KS was an actual safari, with real animals to see?! I thought it was a normal “ride”. I haven’t done a lot of research on AK yet because a) it sounds like the most boring park (to me) and b) I’m waiting for the Pandora stuff to open so that I can do all my research on that park at once.

So I just read up a little bit on KS…I think I would be a little scared to do it in the evening! Don’t laugh, but I really think so! So I’m thinking that we may try to do that first thing after RD and get a FP for ExEv.

I had wanted to do the Lunch with an Animal Specialist at Sanaa, but my husband wasn’t crazy about it (I think mainly because we’d have to join strangers, LOL!).

Enjoy your upcoming trip! :fireworks:

That price for flight sounds good. We have been looking for flights to SNA from NC, and thats pretty much the same range.
Day1 If time allows, since you are looking at Christmas resort decorations, go to Contemporary, catch the boat that takes you from there to Wilderness Lodge and check out their’s. Or catch boat from MK to WL. Most beautiful resort on property IMO!

Day2 We did the Illum. Dessert Party once. It was OK, but we wouldn’t do again. For you as a newbie, it gives you a great spot to view from. In case you decide not to do it, we like to to view from the International Gateway bridge between France and UK. Stand closer to the UK area just above the canal area where the 2 bodies of water meet.

Day3 Like the idea of sleeping in, smart move. WDW is huge and you can wear yourself out easily trying to see and do it all. We have never had brunch at RR, but based on food for PM meals, I would say you can’t go wrong. DS is massive now, so a full day to see it all, I think you have the right idea. Jocks is great , esp. if you have a Indy Jones fan in the family.

Day4 If you have seen Fantasmic that many times in DL, I would say skip it, save time for the Star Wars fireworks instead, as they are amazing! I would get a reservation for 50s if thats where you want to eat as its a popular place(and well worth it for the food and the antics IMO)and the lounge is not big and can be risky to even get 2 seats beside each other.

Day5 LTT is very good and its lots of food. I would say 5 or later would be good. MK tends to be very crowded on MVMCP days between the hours of 4-7 as you have influx of day and party visitors. So anytime within that time frame works well into meal time

Day6 Wow, rope drop after the party, more power too you!! My advice, sleep in a bit, maybe hit Epcot around 10-11, and you can still see and do a lot. If you FP, get one for Soarin one day, Froze another, and do Test Track as single rider. Mission Space doesn’t need a FP, and all other attractions don’t need a FP(unless you want to meet Anna and Elsa). Not saying to skip Calif. Grill, but Epcot has some great places to eat, including among our faves, San Angel Inn, Biergarten(esp. wonderful at Christmas time)Via Napoli(for the Picante Pizza)Nine Dragons(Honey Sesame Chicken, mmmm)and Rose and Crown.

Day 7 AK is massive, but can be done in a day with good timing. Work around show schedules, and get FP for Kilimanjaro safari and Exp. Everest then decide which Pandora ride you want to FP. I would imagine to banshee ride would be the one to FP, and the boat ride may be easier to get on in line. Dinosaur can be short lines if timed right. All other things, you can walk on, or have shorter lines. Sanaa is tasty, but it will take some time to get there and back, allow 3 hrs minim. for transportation and meal. Tiffins can be a good alternative if you want some African infused food and will keep you from leaving the park. Ohana, love this place, wish I could eat like I used too because its lots of food.

Day 8 I agree all they way with this. We hope to do DL next year for a 1st time, and will doing the same. BOG atmosphere is out of this world! We went for lunch, food was just ok, but heard great things about dinner.

Day 9 1900 food is nothing to write home about, but seeing the characters is worth it if that is your desire.

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Thanks for your input! We did go ahead and book the flight, and I got an alert stating at least the first flight went up by about $150! I shouldn’t even look, as I’ve bitten the bullet on that, and don’t want to know if the price drops! :frowning:

Note: Regarding FP+ strategy - We don’t have kids to please and are more interested in the “thrill rides”. Characters aren’t a big deal with the exception of Alice (for me) and maybe Star Wars (for husband)

Day1 We’ll try to make it over to WL to see their decorations, but not sure if time or energy will permit on arrival day! We’ll see if it works on another evening if not.

Day2 I honestly think that after Snacking/Drinking Around the World (Showcase), we will not have room for anything so Dessert Party isn’t smart. I can save it for a future trip, and just get a FP+ for Illuminations? (I otherwise hadn’t planned on using our FP+’s at all this day and that would be stupid!) Or we’ll try to stake out a spot, like the one you suggest. If Soarin’ wasn’t in the same FP+ tier as Illuminations, I’d do these both today, since Soarin’ fits with the WS theme :persevere:

Day3 We might not go whole hog at the RR brunch, maybe an app or two, plus drinks? So many places I want to have drinks & apps in DS, so little time!!! Hubs and I are both Indy fans, but mostly me. IF the Celebration at the Top is available this evening at Calif. Grill, we’ll try to grab an ADR for that instead of CG on Weds night.

Day4 We’ve done F! twice as a couple, once was the VIP seating. I’ve done it a handful of times before I met him too, so I’m kind of over it. Would like to use that time for either SW or Holiday evening show/fireworks. The only place I must eat at HS is Brown Derby. I’m thinking of doing it (or just the lounge) for a bigger late lunch/early dinner? Maybe stop into The 50’s lounge at an off time for a drink/app? I’m beginning to get real worried about booking the ADR’s I want  FP+ Targets: Toy Story Mania (mid-morning – but maybe skip, it’s the same as at CA Adv right?), Star Tours, and Tower of Terror (or get in line right before park close?)

Day5 I think I’ll reserve LTT for 5 as any sooner might be cutting it close as far as entering the park and any later would eat up valuable party time. I don’t expect the tea to be that filling. Can you do FP+ with the MVMCP tix? Only interested in riding Jingle Cruise and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, we will do another whole day of MK. (I’m super bummed that there is no holiday overlay on Small World!)

Day6 I have a feeling that we won’t sty to the end of MVMCP the previous night, and even so, not much booze will be consumed the day before, so that’ll help! But maybe since we are focusing only on FW (and maybe a few WS things we missed/really liked), we can afford to arrive later? There is a lot of stuff at Epcot that I have no interest in (anything Frozen, Nemo, etc.) - those will be done ONLY if we get all the priorities out of the way early. FP+ Targets: Soarin’, Test Track. Which of these should be the third FP+? Mission: SPACE • Spaceship Earth • Sum of All Thrills And we do plan on splitting a pizza at Via Napoli during our first visit to Epcot…May do Ohana for dinner this night IF we can do CG on Sunday AND finish this park early enough (will make late ADR’s either way).

Day 7 Am switching AK for MK this day due to MVMCP on Friday. FP+ Targets: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, The Haunted Mansion

Day 8 Am switching MK for AK this day due to MVMCP today. With Pandora and Rivers of Light, I feel like this day needs much more research on my part. I really would like to go to Sanaa, but maybe I can save it for a future trip (would like to stay at AKL by renting points) and Tiffins is a good substitute? I’ll look closer at the menus and whether a Rivers of Light Dining Package will be offered this day. I’m the least excited about this park and want to concentrate on knocking out the “thrill rides” first, then have a leisurely rest of the day. FP+ Targets: Kilimanjaro Safari (or rope drop?), Expedition Everest, Pandora ??

Day 9 Our flight does not leave until 5 something, so I won’t have to make that early of an ADR for 1900 now. We can pack leisurely and maybe shop at the monorail resorts for last minute souvenirs

Day 2 Since you aren’t doing Soarin, maybe consider a tier 1 FP for Test Track, but Soarin would still rank at top for me. At least this way you take advantage of the FP system. You really don’t need a FP for Illum. as there are many prime spots for the show around the lagoon. Main thing, trees can be distractive for the show. Again, we feel the area I spoke of before is a prime spot. The Illum. cruise pulls the boats right under that bridge for prime viewing(plus, you probably feel the heat from the flames here better than anywhere around the water).

Day 4 I do believe TSM is the same at CA. If you go early to the park, save Fps for later in day when crowds pick up. We have found recently, we can do Rock n Roller Coaster, ToT and ST and as soon as your last FP is entered(while standing in line for last FP)go to APP and see what else is available. We were able to snag a TSM for an evening, and that never happens! So if you wish to experience something besides what CA has to offer, this is a good way to do it.

Day 5 5 for LTT sound good! Once you enter park, got to your APP and try to reserve FPs. I don’t think thy over them during your party time, but you really don’t need them then. You should be able to slip in one before your meal. JC and SDMR will be tough too snag a FP for before your meal, but you will have no problem doing them during party. SDMR, my plan would be the ride during 1st parade

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Looking at your 2 days for Epcot:

Soarin’ and Test Track are both Tier 1, so you won’t be able to target both of them for day6 unless a day-of FPP comes open on the app while you’re in the park. So I would highly encourage you to target Soarin’ for FPP on Day 2. As @kmwcdw says, you really don’t need a FPP for Illuminations. We walked up to the lagoon from FW a few weeks ago and easily found a spot between Mexico and Norway maybe 10 minutes before it started. You could also make an ADR at Spice Road Table - we viewed there later in the trip and it was great.

That means for Day 6 you can target Test Track as your Tier 1. You can then get MS and SSE as your other 2 FPPs (Sum of all Thrills doesn’t exist anymore).

Good luck!

Love that you are branching out to the World! We are DLR veterans ourselves & did our first trip to WDW last spring. DLR will always be home, but we are itching to get back to WDW, hopefully one of these years soon…

As for your overall plans, right off the bat, no park hoppers necessary! Especially for a first time trip working on getting your bearings, etc. You’re also doing the drinking right with your arrival monorail bar crawl plans & going an extra day to Epcot.

As for the details:

Day 1- For your arrival day, even though WL would be an easy boat ride away from the C and the Christmas decor might be very lovely, I tend to agree with you that you will be more apt to get back to Poly & get some rest, but definitely play it by ear. IF you can get your Celebration at the Top ADR for Sunday night rather than Wed night, I feel like Sunday might be a better option to boat over to WL after your rest/non-park day. Also an option, if you really want a low-key day arrival day book Ohana this night and really get some rest and enjoy the resort you will be calling home for the week. But then you would be putting the monorail bar crawl on a different day (maybe on Wed instead of Cali Grill - this is again assuming you get Celebration at the Top Sunday night instead of Wed- If do the bar crawl Wed, then you would then prob want to sleep in the next day and do a late-start at MK which might not be bad esp if you have a dinner ADR at BOG making a midday break a bit complicated- at least it did for us in planning. Late MK start with using the BOG ADR as a break in the middle to rest your feet would also help you to stay & close the park down with the Kiss Goodnight- one of my favorite moments in MK was when we ended up staying until this moment, being on Main Street slowly meandering out and having the Kiss Goodnight send us out the front gates. You can even then late start AK the next day with a similar plan with Sanaa early dinner as your sit-down ADR to close out AK).

Day 2- I think regardless of the rest you do/do not get planning a late start to Epcot is perfect for your body clocks. We found coming from West to East that rope drop, even 9am rope drop was brutal. Illuminations definitely didn’t need a FP when we went, but with it being a very busy weekend, I wonder if that changes the game here? Not sure, but I definitely would rather use my Tier 1 FPP for Test Track or Soarin (Frozen wasn’t there last year, so I have no idea on that…). Maybe if there are any Tier 1’s left after you’ve used your 3 FPP’s?

Day 3- We didn’t look into much at Downtown Disney, but we definitely could have spent so much more time there. We did it on a night after AK (when it closed at like 6pm). It definitely wasn’t as restful as I’d envisioned but I think it’s because we were cramming it into a 3-4 hr block after a day at the parks, so a day dedicated to it seems much more restful. The more I think about your overall plans, the more I love the idea of you coming back to the hotel later afternoon, resting up a bit then having this be your night to go to the Contemporary with the Celebration at the Top and fitting in a trip over to WL to take in the Christmas decor. Sounds like a lovely rest day to me. But crucial to it is snagging that Celebration at the Top ADR for this night.

Day 4- We didn’t do any dining at HS so I can’t comment on anything there, but we did F! at HS (after many times of loving Disneyland’s F!). I would 100% prioritize Star Wars FWs over F! The best part about it for us was that there was a seat! It was nice to get to see the show, but it didn’t quite compare to seeing F! on the Rivers of America. We also did the later showing so it wasn’t as crazy getting a spot or getting out aftewards & it does seem like the earlier showing, even though there is a seat, requires some camping out/a FP & entails a large cluster of folks trying to get out afterwards.

Day 5- I agree that 5 is your best bet for your ADR. It will help you fuel up for the party & avoid the most crowded time where both party guests and reg ticketed guests can be in. Also, yes you can get 3 FPPs with your party tickets.

Day 6- You’ll have to choose either Soarin or Test Track for FPP but since you have 2 Epcot days, do one for each of your Epcot days. Test Track does also have a single rider line and if you can make it to RD for Epcot this day then FP the one (Soarin) and RD the other (Test Track) is how I would do it. Also, I have to agree with the advice that there is SO much good food to eat at Epcot that I wouldn’t plan to go eat somewhere else. We made that mistake (well really we had made our ADRs at 180 days out and then at 70 days had to re-arrange a bunch of stuff when the family we were going with had to change some of their plans- so we ended up with Ohana at the end of our Epcot day and I felt like we severely cut short our Epcot time by doing so and also impeded our ability to fully enjoy all the amazing eats/drinks at Epcot). The one bonus you do have is that Ohana is in your hotel so you can make a pretty late Ohana ADR and then just go to bed right after. We had to figure out how to get back to our resort afterwards on top of feeling like we had just cut out some much-wanted Epcot time to make it to our ADR. That being said, we were sat at a table in the very corner of the restaurant with the best view of the castle and Wishes came on near the end of our meal for us to enjoy that amazing view. It was one of my favorite experiences of the whole trip BUT I still would have loved to do it on a night when I wasn’t sacrificing Epcot time (maybe HS or MK time, but not Epcot).

Day 7- Definitely love your plan for BOG dinner. Putting it near the end of your trip gives you a great opportunity to get a decent time for eating. As for targeting what’s different at MK: Splash to me is also different/better at WDW so make sure to add that to your list, also PeopleMover. Riding it at night was my favorite MK attraction. I also really enjoyed Mickey’s PhilharMagic that you have on there (but you definitely don’t need a FP for it) & Seven Dwarfs was good (but definitely overhyped). Space I dislike at WDW- seems jerkier than our DL version but I do miss the classic music since we’ve had so much Hyperspace, so next time I might not mind it as much if we still haven’t had classic Space back to DL by then. I also really enjoyed all the extra space in Adventureland that we just don’t have in DLR. We never made it to Tiki Room or Pirates, but we did do Jungle Cruise and I LOVED it at WDW where at DLR it’s something that I can take or leave on any given trip. I also loved the Swiss Family Roberts Treehouse which was a surprise because I do dearly love Tarzan’s Treehouse at DLR and hadn’t even planned the treehouse, my son just really wanted to go see what it looked like & it was something he could do with just me while my hubby relaxed in some shade & took a break with our daughter who was sleeping in the stroller. We also got really into the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom game & wished that DLR had more types of events like this. Anytime they do a scavenger hunt now we get excited because it kind of reminds us of the game & we really loved going to the different portals around the park and continuing the adventure with our cards.

Day 8- I think Sanaa can still work, but you may not be able do everything in AK. We spent two full days there but our second day from rope drop to close was fully devoted to Wilderness Explorer Badges (except for one ride on the Safari, a lunch ADR at Tusker & watching Finding Nemo: the Musical). We even had FPPs for Dino & EE that we let fall by the wayside because we were so focused on completing all the badges (we & the family we were with had decided to have the kids all dress up together in matching outfits one day and our pick was as Wilderness Explorers as so we went all out for it- have a bunch of great memories but I don’t think we’ll ever devote that much touring time again to it on a subsequent trip). I feel like without this activity it would have been easy to plan & execute AK in one day. Maybe it’ll be different with Pandora & ROL?? But we personally LOVED AK because A) it’s so different than anything we have at DLR B) Had a lot of our favorite things from the trip including the Wilderness Explorer Badges, Expedition Everest, Tusker House, Finding Nemo: The Musical, the Safari & my kids LOVED the Boneyard and C) The Tree of Life & the beauty around the park was just so breathtaking and immersive and I actually felt like I rushed through the park even with 2 full days. I am sure that Pandora fits seamlessly into that & I can’t wait to go back to see how it does. Anywho, that being said, I realize it’s not for everyone, but that’s why I also think that Sanaa will still work in your plans (I really wanted to work in either Boma or Sanaa but we just had so many other ADRs that we chose & Tusker House was one of them for the characters for our kids so we skipped out on going to AKL).

Day 9- So I kid you not that our Day 9 was exactly like you have planned. We had 8 park days (we did a red-eye and went right to the parks running our Day 1) and then our Day 9 I decided I didn’t want to stress about doing things and making it to the airport for a flight so our only plan was a 10:30 ADR at 1900 Park Fare (for me it was Mary Poppins & Pooh that I just had to see). It was a glorious leaving day. We got to wake up leisurely and have ample time to get everything packed and to the luggage check-in at the resort before taking a bus to MK & then a boat from MK to GF (you will just have a short monorail over so even better for you). We didn’t have to be back at the resort for our Magical Express pick-up until about 1-2pm and so we rode the monorail around and said goodbye to all the monorail resorts, ended up at the TC &C thinking we could take a bus back to our resort (we could not) so took the ferry from TC &C to MK to catch a bus, but ended up really enjoying all that exploring time to say goodbye. Even though we could have easily done a last half-day of MK or Epcot and had things we wanted to do, I didn’t at all regret not going into the parks. If you still haven’t seen the WL decorations or want to try any spots you didn’t hit on your initial bar crawl, this day/afternoon might be a fantastic place to fit it in.

Anyway, overall, love the plans and excited to see how you end up deciding with the choices you have in front of you!!!

1st Epcot Day: Since we will be snacking/drinking around the world, I don’t want to make an ADR as I don’t think we’d feel like eating by that time. I still think I may as well make the FP+ for this day for Illuminations…otherwise none of our FP+’s are not being used for this day. We can always just not use it. I will keep researching other viewing spots though.

2nd Epcot Day: I think we will do Soarin’ as our rope drop and Test Track as out Tier 1 FP+. Hubby will not ride by himself, so single rider is no go. Thanks for the heads up on Sum of all Thrills (disappointing, as I thought my husband would love it), I must have copy & pasted some old info!

Thanks for the advice!

Though the plan is to Monorail Bar Crawl on arrival day, it really will be “play it by ear”. I purposely made the Poly bars at the end of the crawl, because I worry if we start in our resort, we won’t leave! :slight_smile:
I like your idea of doing the WL decorations on the same day we visit the Contemporary for our (fingers crossed!) California Grill ADR. I love saving time/energy!
Day 2- We don’t plan on doing any of FW this day, it’s all about WS! So I figure I should just use a FP+ for Illuminations…but the more I read the more I see that people line up early even with FP+’s, so I think I should just research spots, choose one that sounds best, and then keep an eye on the area once 7pm rolls around?
Day 3- Because I have just found out that Universal will be doing more for Christmas in Wizarding World, I am thinking of moving Disney Springs to our Departure Day (which may be very stupid! The main goal is Characters in Flight and I know that’s open early, and cheaper to boot!), and going to park hop at Universal on this day, Sunday. Will have to do more research! I was hoping to do a little Xmas shopping at DS, but may be too pressed for time and also bags already packed/checked in, will have to carry everything :unamused: May leave the day alone, and skip Universal (we currently have Universal Hollywood passes, so Wizarding World isn’t as big of a deal).
Day 4- Thanks for the advice about Fantasmic!/Star Wars Fireworks (We definitely want to capitalize on things that can only be done in Orlando at this point) but won’t there be a holiday show in addition or instead of?
Day 5- I think we will definitely make one of our FP+’s for SDMT, but can we make them 60 days in advance, or only on the day of (once inside the park?)?
Day 6- I think we will rope drop Soarin’ and then FP+ Test Track (hubby doesn’t like single rider lines). I agree about the food at Epcot, so many things I want to try! I just wonder if we have a Rope Drop after a late night, and finish Future World fairly early, a rest back at the hotel might be good. Esp. if California Grill happens this night, I was going to dress up a bit, so a shower and primp time would be good. (I am hoping to fit Ohana in somewhere, just not sure when yet. Because it’s at our resort, I’m thinking we might try to walk up).
Day 7- I like the idea of a “late MK start with using the BOG ADR as a break in the middle to rest & close the park down with the Kiss Goodnight”. I don’t feel like I have to see/do everything at MK since it seems so similar to Disneyland (please tell me I’m not wrong!). I was thinking putting the harder to get ADR’s later in the trip would give me a better chance of nabbing them (& best times)! :grin: We’re not crazy about wet rides, so it won’t be a priority but if it’s warm and we don’t have a lot to do, we’ll check out Splash. PeopleMover is high on my list, didn’t they used to have that at DL? I think I remember riding it as a kid. Space Mountain is my absolute favorite ride, so I will have to compare versions! The Tiki Room will be a must too – we’re big tiki fans! (OMG, late in the day Adventureland in DL is as bad as the 405 during afternoon rush hour, LOL!)
Day 8- The more I think about it, the more I think leaving AK to get to Sanaa will eat up too much time on a first trip. Will be looking into Tusker House Dining Package for ROL. I keep thinking that I might be boring for adults, but you got me thinking I’ll need every minute possible!
Day 9- Depending on whether we try for Universal on the previous Sunday, we might try to squeeze Disney Springs in here. But I also love sleeping in, breakfast, packing, shopping around the resort, and not stressing about getting to the airport! If it weren’t for Characters In Flight and Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, I could skip DS altogether.

Thanks for all your input lolabear!