Critique my plan for Sept 2019

Hi guys, hoping for some feedback on my plan for Sept trip to WDW:

We’re 3 young(ish) adults staying on site at Coronado Springs with the Disney Dining Plan - I’ve been before (most recently last May though didn’t stay on site) and my 2 friends have never been before.

ADR date isn’t until 11th March so times are just what I’m hoping to get.

Any thoughts / suggestions?


I love your plans! Did you see the Star Wars fireworks on your last visit? Did you love them and that is why you have them on your plans twice? How many times are you going to the food and wine booths? Also, will it be IllumiNations or the gap show? Maybe plan something flexible that night until you hear about that show?

Thanks! I didn’t get to see the Star Wars fireworks last time; I’ve got them on twice just as a back-up in case we miss them the first time around or we can’t get a good view. Same with Illuminations. Not sure when it’s officially ending, have they announced a date yet? I’m hoping to see it one last time!
I’ve only put the F&W booths in once because I was struggling to find a place for them - I’ve heard it’s better to go early in the day as soon as they open, but as we’ll have an ADR on the boardwalk on the first Epcot day there wasn’t really another time when we’ll be in Epcot at lunchtime and be hungry. We might manage a second trip round the booths on the last water park day - my friends have said they’re not that fussed for the water parks (which I think is only because they’ve never experienced them before! I think they’ll change their minds) so we may just go to Epcot that day instead.

You will have a lot of snack credits and the booths are a great value. I love your dining but any thought to trading something for a signature to free a slot?

To be honest there weren’t any signature meals that I was particularly excited about, plus I would have 2 sacrifice 2 of our TS meals for a signature and I don’t think there are any I could part with (except maybe Mama Melrose)
I suppose there’s nothing stopping us from hitting the booths later on our first Epcot day as well, I was just worried they would be very busy by that time - I am massively looking forward to using our snack credits there! I suppose as there are 3 of us we could divide and conquer and then meet up with our spoils :smiley:

I just returned from a 7 night stay with my family. There were three of us and we had 42 snack credits. We went to the booths 3 times and even then we were able to get speciality coffees every morning at the resort and we brought home snacks. It is a lot of snacks!

I loved the Star Wars fireworks and Mama Melrose.
Looks like such a fun trip.

I hope to do Artist’s Point in November. Please report back!