Critique my dining plans

Please critique/make suggestions of my dining plans.
Context: Family of 5 Make A Wish trip in early Nov. Kids 10g, 8b, 5b and all are adventurous eaters/foodies. We have been to WDW 4+ years ago. Planning one TS and CS each day bc of needing breaks and we will have wish pass meaning ride lines not major concern.

My concerns: skipping a character meal. We did one last trip and it was ok but kids were younger. My kids don’t mind characters, but really don’t care that much either. I can’t ask them bc wish trip reveal is just before we leave.

In no particular order:

Down Day 1:
TS: Ohana for dinner
CS: Morimoto Asian Street Food for lunch

Down Day 2:
Ts: medieval times or hoop Dee doo review?
CS: any other non Disney/universal must eats?

TS: we prob skip TS this day but maybe Liberty Tavern?
CS: Colonial Harbor House

TS: Nomad Lounge
CS: Satuli

TS: Garden Grill or skip?
CS: Les Halles and Food and Wine stands

TS: Sci-fi and Oga
CS: Rondo Roasters

Thanks for your help!

First, hooray for a wish trip! It would be helpful to know where you’re staying so as to recommend accordingly.

In terms of what you have laid out here:

I would recommend Hoop Dee Doo if you’re on property. Are you going to Universal? I ask because of your question about Uni must eats.

I would definitely enjoy Liberty Tree Tavern. Really good food here, and plenty of it. Could provide a nice break from the park in lieu of going back to resort.

Nomad Lounge is more snacky foods than full on meals, generally speaking. There are a couple of things that are substantial, but not a lot. It’s a very small menu - just be aware of that. You also can’t make a ressie here and have to do walk-up; depending on your timing there could be a significant wait.

Epcot has so many better restaurants than Garden Grill, IMO. Does your family have a particular cuisine that is a favorite?


So we are staying for a couple days first at Shades of Green. Then we are staying at Give Kids the World. The Wish kid resort. It’s far from Disney so we won’t be returning to the resort for meals. And we will be breakfasting there every day except for one particular day I’ve ordered in food for a kids bday.

We are doing two days at universal too. Happy to hear any recs. It will be our first time there so we will be doing the standard must eats, I think.

Didn’t realize that about Nomad. We really enjoyed Satuli last time so wouldn’t be hurt if that’s all we manage for a real meal other than Rontos and Oga. My husband is SW obsessed.

Epcot: we ate two TS meals last time there and enjoyed them but didn’t want to repeat. What’s a must do TS at Epcot?

At MK: For adventurous eaters, I think you may enjoy Skipper Canteen more than Liberty Tree. If you eat at Liberty Tree (which I adore), I’d do a different quick serve/ we like the chicken and waffles, or the corndog bites vs the colonial harbor house.

For your down day, you could always do the breakfast at Shades- it is getting good reviews. Evergreens had good pizza way back when we stayed there, and I hear it’s still pretty good. Walking over to the Poly, you can get Captain Cooks quick serve which most folks like (a little too sweet for me, but ymmv).

Epcot- If you don’t do the Liberty Tree, absolutely Garden Grill. That’s a cool character meal too- very good food. But it’s pretty similar to Liberty Tree.

At AK, I would do maybe Yak & Yeti and then Satuli. Yak & Yeti has some really tasty options.

Also, I’d go with Hoop Dee Doo over Midieval Times any day, every day. Make a day of it, spend time looking around the stables over there at Ft. Wilderness.

Another thing is I bet they have a lot of characters at Give Kids The World- I don’t know because I haven’t been there. Just seems like something they might provide for you and then you could avoid GG, because your 10g is a Disney adult and it HURTS to pay that much for dinner for a kid!!


I can tell you Medieval Times is fun BUT from Uni to there took us over an hour drive. If you choose it, leave yourself plenty of time. We sat down right as show started, no time for anything extra.


@jhersh I just came across this thread. We’ll be going on our wish trip in December, staying at GKTW. How did you extend your trip to include non-GKTW? We were told we had to stick to their schedule, 6 nights at GKTW. It has been a beating trying to figure out how to fit everything in to just 5 days (3 days WDW and 2 days UOR). I had hoped to extend the trip with 2 nights at a WDW resort but they told me that was not allowed. :frowning: :frowning:

Hope you have a great trip, I’d love to hear more about your planning and the trip itself when it happens!

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