Critique my ADR booking schedule, please?

I have exactly 30 days before ADR day. I am trying to finalize my plans before I really sit down with DH and ask him for more solid input (he tends not to care). We have a princess-obsessed 5yo daughter who will not know about the trip until we get there, so I am trying to do my best to balance experiences for her with somewhat decent food for us.

Here is the order I plan to BOOK my ADRs. For clarification, on 11/8 I plan on doing a half day at EPCOT and then the evening at Disney Springs, so I want to book a dinner in both places in case our plans change.

You guys are so knowledgeable I was hoping you could let me know if I should book these in a different order, or if my choices are terrible? All times are flexible if you see anything glaring.

ADR Priority Booking schedule (ADR date 5/9/17) - Party of 3

  1. 11/5 CRT 6:30pm (obviously not likely to be available)
  2. 11/8 Akershus 8am (must do, we also could do it 11/6 but I’d rather not)
  3. 11/9 CRT around 6:30pm if we can’t get 11/5
  4. 11/7 Skipper’s Canteen 12:30ish pm
  5. 11/9 Chef Mickeys 11:00am (especially important if we don’t get any CRT reservations)
  6. 11/10 Tusker House at 8am (maybe? Is this a good restaurant? Reviews seem to be mixed)
  7. 11/8 Tutto Italia 7pm
  8. 11/8 TREX at 6:30pm
  9. 11/10 Yak and Yeti 6:00pm
  10. 11/6 Hacienda de San Angel 6:30
  11. Call for Pirate’s League Mermaid Makeover at 7am

All looks good with contigencies built in. You could also consider the character meal at Trattoria al Forno at the Boardwalk. Rapunzel & Tiana are there.

Tusker House is excellent, IMO.

Make sure you book the pirate’s league at 180 days. I think you still have to call to do this. It’s never been available to book online when we’ve done it.

Recently on the Disney Dish Podcast Len and Jim were talking about the fact that CRT had openings at every meal, every day. Did you check if your MK days are party days? Tusker House is very good . A dining package most likely would not be available at 180 and that may be very, very difficult to get (8:00 with Pandora). Skipper Canteen and everything 7-10 should be very easy - though all might not be open right away.

Thank you! I know it’s early but I am hoping to at least have meals set, so that if crowds become crazy I know we at least have food every day!

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Never too early to plan!!

MK has a party day on the 9th. We are planning to get tickets to it if we can scrounge up the funds.

A dining package for what? I’m not sure what you mean?

I can’t remember what the rule is on dining reservations at the same time, but I think it’s an hour. Both your dinners on the 8th are within half an hour. You may need to make one a bit later/earlier.

I agree that recent reports suggest it’s going to be very hard to get Tusker House with ROL package.

Also confused by your comment on Chef Mickey - it’s totally different characters to CRT so not a substitute. I like it because it has the “big 5” but much prefer Cape May breakfast or Ohana breakfast as an experience.

I just want some kind of character experience for that day. Hopefully Akershus res will be successful so if CRT doesn’t work out I have one princess thing and one head character thing. Sorry for the confusion.

Do you HAVE to get Tusker House with the ROL package? I’m not certain that I’m interested in ROL or in the dining package.

A dining package for Rivers of Light (new night show at AK). I would not use valuable party time eating. You would need a party ticket for any ADR at CRT after 6 and they may not be available at day 180.

No you don’t have to get the ROL dining package for Tusker. Right now, it seems getting into ROL without either dining package or fp+ is all but impossible. Which is why everyone has been trying to book it…

If you’re not wanting to do the ROL it should be possible to get it especially at 180 days out.

Your adrs look pretty good basically. I just have 2 questions:

  1. Is 11/5 your arrival day & if so, are you flying in?

  2. This question for other Liners-in-the-know:
    During party hours, if you don’t have a party ticket, are you able to book an ADR that starts @6:30? Did I hear had to be booked latest around 5, giving you 2 hours & then have to leave park?

Yes, our plane lands at 8:30am, which should give us lots of time to get to MK, hopefully.

My husband hates those big shows like ROL and Fantasmic, so we won’t need ROL reservations.

Last year you could not book the restaurants that are open during the party after about 6:00 if you did not have a ticket (BOG, CP, CRT) but you could book the ones that were closed during the party (LTT, Tony’s, SC).

I was able to get CRT with less than 180 days till my trip for our arrival day, though the time wasn’t what I would want for a “normal” dinner, so at 180 days I wouldn’t rule out being able to get one. My Picky McTeenager is a fan of TH, so I wouldn’t rule that one out, either. (As an aside, the mac n cheese there is amazeballs. I’ve tried recreating it here and have been unsuccessful in doing so.)

If you can’t get CRT, 1900 Park Fare has Cinderella, Prince Charming, and Stepsisters at dinner. When I booked last week CRT had tons of times for all meals. Tutto Italia is my favorite. My DD said the dessert was so good she wanted to cry.

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