Criticize my plans please!

Background: I’ve been many times before kids, but this will be our 1st time staying on property with both kids (we did do a short off-property stay last year). It will be us plus our 1.5 and 4.5 year old boys and my active 65 year old parents who will help us rider switch. Our 4.5 year old likes all rides and is 42", so he can do everything except Space Mtn, FOP, EE, and rockin roller coaster.

Specific questions:

  1. Anyone been to GG lately? Is the food really as blah as people say it is. I haven’t been in 10+ years before the new family style concept.
  2. Anyone try Skipper Canteen yet? Is it worth keeping the ADR?
  3. Should I keep Ohana breakfast on the last day, or head to MK for a few rides with FP+ before heading out around 12:30 pm to MCO? Some say the breakfast food is bad, but the character interactions make it worth it?
  4. What time do FEA and 7DMT start operating on a standard opening (9:00am) day, as we have PPO ADRs at 8:00 am.
  5. All criticisms or suggestions welcome. Am I being too ambitious?

Saturday 2/2
10:30 am - Arrive MCO 10:30 am, take ME to Poly
12:00 - 1:30 pm - Leisure lunch at Poly
2:00 pm - Arrive at Epcot
2:05 pm - FP+ TT
3:35 pm - FP+ Living with the land
5:00 pm - Dinner at GG
6:30 pm - FP+ Mission space

Sunday 2/3
9:00 am - Magic Kingdom
9:25 am - FP+ BTM
10:25 am - FP+ Splash Mtn
11:25 am - FP+ JC
4:30 pm - BOG dinner

Monday 2/4
8:00 am - Animal Kingdom
9:25 am - FP+ Navi River
10:55 am - FP+ Dinosaur
2:10 pm - FP+ EE
4:20 pm - Tusker House Dinner/ROL Package
7:00 pm - ROL

Tuesday 2/5
8:00 am - PPO breakfast at Akershus
8:45 - 9:00 am - FEA before rope-droppers make it to the back of the park
9:40 am - FP+ TT
10:40 am - FP+ Journey into imagination
11:40 am - FP+ Living seas
12:00 - 3:00 pm - Explore world showcase
5:00 pm - Dinner at Homecomin’ then explore Disney Springs

Wednesday 2/6
8:00 am PPO BOG breakfast
8:45 am - 7DMT before rope droppers get there
9:05 am - FP+ 7DMT
10:10 am - FP+ Buzz Lightyear
11:15 am - FP+ Space Mtn
5:00 pm - Ohana Dinner

Thursday 2/7
9:00 am - Animal Kingdom
10:30 am - FP+ FOP
11:50 am - FP+ KS
1:35 pm - FP + EE
6:30 pm - Dinner at Chef Mickey’s

Friday 2/8
8:00 am - MK EMH
9:40 am - FP+ 7DMT
10:50 am - FP+ BTM
1:55 am - FP+ Space Mtn
3:50 pm - early dinner Skipper Canteen

Satruday 2/9
Departure day
8:30 am character breakfast at Ohana

For which meal? I’ve never heard a bad word said about breakfast there.

Lots of positive feedback on SC. Not sure I’ve heard anything negative spoken about that spot either.

Also have not heard that about Ohana. I personally love a nice meal to end the trip, but others like to park it til the bitter end. Either would work

Both open at regular park opening

Off to read the rest!

Saturday/arrival: I am going to go ahead and assume that after your MS FPP you’ll be done for the day? I’m guessing if you’re landing at MCO at 10:30a your day will start very early, and as such I would most definitely recommend an early finish to the day, particularly if you’re not planning on a nap (which makes sense as no guarantee of room ready before 3p)

Hmm, I’m at Tuesday and I’m a little worried about how you seem to be going hard RD to close each day so far.

Are you looking at a rest time after FPP SM at 11:15 on Wednesday before your Ohana dinner?

Yeah, I would build in some down time somewhere, especially with littles in tow. Unless it’s already there without being explicitly spoken of. Other than that I have no real criticism of your plans!

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We went to GG for breakfast in July and loved it. The food was great, and the characters came around multiple times. We were able to walk down to Soarin’ after we ate and get the first spot in line.


So, I was planning on breaks on most afternoons, except Mon at AK, because the ROL dining package dinner is so early. I didn’t explicitly put it in the schedule because when we were there in April, both kids napped in the stroller for about an hour while we (the adults) had a snack. So, I intentionally left the afternoons light so we could go back if needed.

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GG for dinner. Not super excited about the menu, but the kids will love the rotating restaurant and characters. I’ve just been torn because there are so many good restaurants in WS.


When they’re small, you do for the kids. I think this will be great for them :slight_smile:

When they’re older, you do for you!


What do you think about my one glaring omission… there’s no planned time at HS. I was really torn about this one, because I couldn’t find a great place to put it. I’m not super thrilled about any of the non-TS rides at HS, and they’re not great for little ones anyway. Really we’d just be going to see TS land, but since I don’t have a FP for slinky dog, is it really even worth trying to fit in now?

I didn’t notice it LOL

HS is my very least favorite park.

I am a fan of doing what you like when you’re on any vacation, especially at WDW where it is impossible to do it all!

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I wouldn’t spend two days at Epcot. We had the same arrival time of 10:30 and spent our first day at HS. We loved HS much more than expected. Both the B&TB and IJ shows were fantastic. And the Muppets 3D was surprisingly a favorite.

If you do keep arrival day intact, you might dine at Biergarten or Teppan Edo instead. Still entertaining for littles, but better food.

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We are going in late October and we will be almost the same profile group - my son and his wife, 4.5 year old grandson, 26 mo. old grandson, and my husband and I (the 61 and 63 year old grandparents). I’ve done Disney a million times but we didn’t start til my youngest son was almost 5 - never went with a 2 year old and it’s been 4 years since I was there so feel less confident than previous trips.

Although our family profiles are spot on, your itinerary is different than what we plan to do. The boys LOVE Toy Story so HS will definitely factor in big time. And we aren’t huge fans of Epcot. You also appear to have a significantly larger budget than we do since you are staying at the Poly - assume you have 2 rooms or a villa? Funny, because that would have been my choice if I could have afforded it. Luckily, the older grandson is obsessed with Lightening McQueen/Cars so we are staying in a Cars suite in AoA. I am prepared for it to be pretty tacky but for him to love it.
Did you consider doing the EMMH for MK? (I mean the one you pay for -I always confuse the name of those but I mean the one that is $$). I am considering that as a good way to get all the Fantasyland rides in easily. I’d be interested to see if the early BOG ADR works more or less as well for you. And I noticed you have no park plans for the evenings. We are thinking we won’t bring the boys back at night either (due to early mornings) but have the adults take turns going out. And we were also thinking about a rest day - the boys are early risers so RD mornings shouldn’t be a problem but still figure we could all use one mellow day. In late October, pool time will be a better option for us than for you in early your rest day could be a bit dull.

Would you be willing to share your full TPs? I’d love to hear how your trip goes and if you felt the restaurants and character meals were worth it?



oops - just saw you will be at ROL for Monday night so you do have a quasi late park night planned. Aren’t you worried about getting your boys up for your 8am breakfast in Epcot? (or it catching up with them the next day?) Have you done ROL before and did the boys enjoy it?

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The poly was a bit of a stretch, but it was my favorite as a kid and there’s a nostalgia factor there for me. We do have 2 rooms with request to be adjoining. I’m kinda banking on the location working in our favor for afternoon breaks from MK and EP. I love that the TTC is next door and you can get direct transportation pretty much anywhere from there. I’m looking forward to trying the minivans too! But, future trips may not be as lavish :slight_smile:

I didn’t want to pre-plan too much for the evenings because I’m not sure how tired the boys will be. If they still have energy, I’m sure we’ll head back to the parks for evening fireworks or shows. But in Feb, most parks close at 8-9 pm anyway.

I think we’ll probably cut either the 2nd EP or AK day short and enjoy the Poly or DS for a half day.

We did go in April last year and stayed off property at the Marriott. We did a few character meals (Crystal Palace in MK and Akershus at EP). Our older son loved it.

Our younger son did not!!

But with little ones, we realized one very vital thing. Buffets and character meals are so much easier because there is no waiting time between ordering and eating, and the chaotic atmosphere with the characters keeps them stimulated. That makes meal times so much more pleasant!

I’ll definitely do a trip report after our Feb trip!

Thats the one show we haven’t done, so I wanted to be sure to get it in :slight_smile: Truth be told, I’m more than a bit worried about the late ROL nite, then two PPO breakfasts in a row. But, we’ll see. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Those pics are great - beautiful boys (just like my grandsons :):grin:- hate to see the baby crying tho’. We were thinking of doing Chef Mickey’s for early dinner on our arrival day (no parks) and using that to see how the 2 yr old will do with the characters.
I love your rationale for the character meals. Makes the costs (almost) worth it. Although I can’t afford the Poly, we are NOT the type to pack PB&J sandwiches to save money and I get quickly tired of food court/fast service meals) so we do plan to do sit downs and your point can justify the added cost of the character meals.
Good luck with it all!!!

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Yeah, a lot of people debate the cost effectiveness of the dining plan (versus paying as you go). I think the dining plan definitely makes sense if you can take advantage of several of the character meals and dining/show packages. Plus, the kids under 3 can essentially eat from the buffet off of their own plate for free, rather than from your plate at a regular table service restaurant.
I remember the crystal palace meal was like $150 out of pocket for 2 adults and 1 child. Crazy!

I am still deciding on the DP. Trying to cost it out. No deals yet for late October. I don’t expect the free dining option then, but hope room deals open up and can then price everything out.My niece, her husband, two kids (one free) and 2 grandparents paid over $400 for the Princess Character dinner in Epcot. Ouch!

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I agree wholeheartedly. The trade off of skipping my favorites in favor of doing their stuff very often made “their” stuff my new favorites.


@terpdent05 - I can’t seem to quote you but this:
"But with little ones, we realized one very vital thing. Buffets and character meals are so much easier because there is no waiting time between ordering and eating, and the chaotic atmosphere with the characters keeps them stimulated. That makes meal times so much more pleasant!"

is absolutely one of my best reasons for doing buffets. Add to that that they can SEE the food.
If we read off a menu to a, say, 4 year old, and I say, “Chicken tenders” I can’t see in their heads to see if they are imagining the same chicken tenders that are going to be provided. “Mac and cheese” can mean different things, too. But on a buffet they can see it, try it, and then either love it or hate it. If they hate it, we try again. If they love it - bingo.


I saw that. On our last trip, it was my favorite park, hands down. But we are huge character people, and most really like SW.

Our last trip had us doing many of the same morning routines. Enjoy.

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