Credit card fraud


So…I am leaving in 11 days and just got a call from my credit card company to tell me my credit card has been compromised. Of course, I booked my entire trip with that credit card. I think I am OK. The dessert parties, memory maker, hotel room and tickets have all been paid in full, I’m pretty sure. However, this is stressing the crap out of me and I want to take advantage of the incredible community we have here. :smiley:

Am I missing something ? Is there anything I should be doing ?


Make sure they send you a new credit card, FedEx it if they have to.

They should also have offered to pull your credit report, which you should do immediately.

Were there any unauthorized charges? What exactly do they mean by “compromised”?



Someone bought for over 2K$ of stuff on 4 different websites with it this morning. I have fraud insurance so it won’t cost me anything but my card has been deactivated. They will FedEx a new card to my bank which I’ll be able to pick up on Monday AM (5 days before my trip).

I am just hoping Disney doesn’t need to put any charges on the card that doesn’t work anymore and that I won’t have any issues with them on my trip. As soon as I get the new card I will make the change in MDE.


Make sure that the call you received is genuine and definitely don’t transfer monies to another account if they ask you to. Replay the conversation in your head to ensure you didn’t give them your pin. Sometimes they ask for two numbers, pretend they didn’t hear your answer and ask for the other two.



I thought the same way ! They left a message at home with a phone number I didn’t recognize so I called at my bank, waited 30 minutes for someone to take my call and then transferred me to the security department. It was indeed legit but I take no chances.

In general, I find that having to wait a long time before someone takes your call is a good sign. Pirates would take the call right away !!! Institutions you are a client of, not so much… :rofl:


When I get a call from my credit card company, I always call back the company with the number on the back of my card to ensure I’m ACTUALLY dealing with the credit card company and not some fraudster telling there was fraud just so that they can commit fraud!


As far as advice, I would go over each and every item you reserved for this trip. Particularly rooms. Sometimes they don’t actually charge the card until you arrive, and even if you give them a different card when you arrive, they still try to charge the previous card and then when it failed, the room was considered cancelled! (That happened to us once, but it was resolved on the spot.)


Yes exactly ! It cost me half an hour of listening to musak but at least I know it was legit !


Good point about the room and this just made me realize that I should let my travel agent know ! Thanks !!


Is it worth calling Disney to explain what has happened?


Definitely pull your credit report and keep an eye on it. If there’s anything on there- addresses you never lived at or accounts you never set up- freeze your credit.

Also, you should file a police report. That is a lot of money and if you have trouble in the future, then you can point to the fact that you did everything by the book.

Do you have any idea how they got your number?


The credit card company should automatically take care of this, transferring legit charges to the new account. I’d keep all my contact info with Disney updated, though, just to be sure.


Good idea, I will do that. Won’t take long and it will give me peace of mind. :slight_smile:


The credit card company person said it happens very often and that it’s most likely some pirated website. They said the data might have been pirated months ago and that they never find the people who do this…Can’t say it made me feel like these guys are on top of things… :frowning_face:


I’ve had my card number stolen, my husband has had his identity stolen and currently has a 7-year freeze on his credit.

It all started with a wrong address on a credit report, which we flagged. It snowballed into $12,000 in Citibank charges and $1500 dollars of new iPhones thru Verizon. We were very glad we live in a small town and know our bankers & police personally, and lived at the same address for 25 years. I don’t know what would happen to a young person who move around a lot, with no proven track record.

I’m not saying this has happened to you, but keep an eye on that credit report, and file a report with the police. My husband thought I was nuts to make an issue of it, but boy were we happy in the end!

P.S. They actually caught the guy. They wouldn’t have if we hadn’t filed the reports. He’s going to the Big House:rage:


Excellent advice, thanks again, I will do as you suggest. I am sorry you had such crap to go through. Hopefully it won’t be that bad for me.


It wasn’t that bad, just tedious. We were in a good position to handle it. A lot of people aren’t and that is just infuriating.


They only care about their $4000. You care about the rest of your credit, and your identity. They did catch the guy who hacked my husband’s identity even though the criminal was many, many states away- in Florida, actually! :rofl:


This is true. The smart ones actually steal the credit information and then sit on it for sometimes months or years to avoid suspicion.

Anyhow, the laws are in the favor of consumers. Meaning, if there is any fraud, the credit card company is on the hook, not the consumer…which is why they will detect and freeze a credit card so quickly the moment they suspect anything. There was one instance where my son did something wrong with our credit card (we were letting him buy something, but I mean, he entered the data wrong somehow) and the moment before he clicked I said, “stop!” But it was too late. Next words out of my mouth were, “Well, now we’ll probably end up with a fraud alert.” Within 30 seconds (no exaggeration) the credit card company called to report a potential fraud. 30 seconds!

In other cases, they have freezed the card within a few minutes of an actual fraudulent attempt. (I recommend having at least TWO forms of payment with you at all times in such an event when using credit cards!)


Good that they caught him !!! I wish I could catch mine and have 10 minutes alone with him…:rage: