Credit Card for direct purchase?

Any opinions on which Credit Card is best for a direct DVC purchase? Haven’t done it yet, but seriously considering, and I understand we can use a credit card. Considering splitting between a Southwest card (don’t have this yet, would need to get one) and an existing AmEx.

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I believe if you open a Disney Visa you can get 0% interest for 6 months in addition to any rewards. Have consodered this, bit not done it myself.


Yeah if you don’t have a Disney Visa, this might be a good time to get one for the rewards and 0% interest. (I’m pretty sure this applies to DVC direct but you should check the fine print.)

We were able to put $5000 of our resale purchase on a credit card. If they let you put the entire direct purchase on one or two or many, then I would max out the possible rewards. Either a new Southwest or JetBlue with a large spend bonus and/or a Capital One Venture or Chase Reserve. I don’t think the Disney Visa rewards are worth as much unless you really need the 0% interest.


I have the Disney no fee card and I put a 50 point direct contract on my card. I then took advantage of the 0% financing over the 6 months and received 1% back in rewards.