Creative pictures for Memory Maker

I am trying to come up with some creative shots (beyond the magic shots) for our Memory Maker pictures. I feel like having my family of four (husband, myself two daughters ages 5 and 10 months) will start to get routine. I would love to come up with a “theme” or something we do for each new location. Any ideas?

Only 39 more days!

If you time it just right, you can get a PP photographer to take candids of your family during a parade.

Also, give your kids room to “play” as well - some of my favorite shots from the last trip were when my youngest (two years old at the time) just decided to do his own thing - I ended up with a picture of him giving Eeyore an eskimo kiss and several shots of the whole family playing ring-around-the-rosie with Tigger because he deemed it necessary!

The parade:

The eskimo kiss:

Ring-around-the rosie:


Those pictures are great!

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Their what convinced me to always pay for the package - it’s so liberating when you can just have fun in front of the camera and know you’re just paying one set fee.