Creating a "Trip"...or how to make a room request

As I understand it, in order to access the tool to submit a room request within Touring Plans, you have to first have a Trip created, where you add your hotel reservation and then you can add the room request.

If I’m wrong up to this point, someone interrupt me and set me straight.

Fine. Going on.

So, I wanted to create a new trip for our December trip in preparation for this, but I’m running into trouble. And I’m trying to figure out if I’m doing something wrong, or if I need to submit a bug report to TP.

Anyhow, I go to my Dashboard, and click the “Add a Trip” button:


Only, every time I try, I just get this error:


So, I seem unable to create a new trip. Obviously, I’ve created trips before, since I have two listed, plus another one that’s hidden.

Anyhow, is there another path to creating a trip? Is this broken for just me, or are others having the same issue?

I just tested it in two browsers and get the same error. Definitely seems like a bug!

That’s how you do it, it’s not working for me either.

Okay, thanks for checking.

I’ll submit a bug report to them, then.

Has implemented a travel ban? I missed the press conference.


No more trips allowed! :wink:

i just did this today-- in prep for postponing my trip. :frowning: Anyways-- i was able to. This was like an hour or 2 ago.

Okay. I got around the issue for the time being by creating the trip in the Lines app. Now it shows up as a trip that I can edit on the website.

In the meantime, I emailed TP help and they said they are investigating the root cause now.

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This should be fixed now. If there are problems like this, definitely let us know by creating “submitting a request” via our Help Center ( (Thanks @ryan1!)


Awesome. Thanks, @david