Creating a Touring plans Pin trading Scavenger hunt

I’m planning a few none ride activities for our upcoming August trip, Ive almost finished a scavenger hunt for universal parks and today I was thinking about a Disney version but they already exist… and I got one from Meg megpatten's from the facebook cast ears for each other group. (its really good)

So what else could we do, well we pin traded last year and enjoyed it up to a point… I need to make it more challenging and so there is something to do on every board even if there is nothing we would traditionally want. :slight_smile:

So I was thinking of a scoring system to award points and have a winner each day and at the end of the week.

Complete any set from trades only - 50 points
Make a set of 5 of the same character - 25 points, if its Mickey 20 points
Trade for a pin that has a character no one in the family can name - 10 points
Make a fab 5 set - 10 points
Trade for a pin with a WDW snack on it and eat that snack - 10 points
Get a pin for a currently running festival - 5 points
Trade for a pin released in your birth year(or year of first visit) - 50 points

We could maybe even run the event virtually in a post on here?

Any thoughts or additional suggested things to earn points?


Sometimes full sets can be hard, so maybe 5 of the same set from trading only should be a lower value?

You could also do a set of vlians, a set of princesses, a set from the same movie.

Sounds like fun!

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Trade a pin for an attraction in each park? Bonus points for riding?…or a variation of some sort?

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good point love the same movie and villains etc idea

Thats got to be 25 points too I guess

  • Make a set of 5 pins from the same movie - 25 points

Like it a lot!

Trade for a pin with a matching attraction in your park - 10 points

I do like the ride idea but logistically its tough plus even though i’m tempted I’m sticking with the no rides required rule for my scavenger hunts!