Creating a plan with pre-opening ADR's?

How do you notate pre-opening ADR? i.e. I have an ADR for Crystal Palace at 8:15 but rope drop that day is at 9.


I had a plan with a pre-rd CP ADR at 8:05 (just ate there on Jan. 13). Go to where it says “Add Meal”, choose the location, add the ADR time, and how long you plan to eat. You can also add your confirmation number. Have you been there before?

Hmmmm… I got an error message when I tried to enter the actual time. And of course, I can’t get it to replicate now. LOL

Yes, I have been there several times. It’s one of our favorites.

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I hope you can get it to work! I hate when I get an error message and I can’t figure out what I did wrong. (I’m not the greatest computer person. :smiley:)

We’ve only been there twice, but it’s now one of our favorites, too.