Create Your Own Beverage Experience at Coca Cola Store

Has anyone done the Create Your Own Beverage Experience at the Coca Cola store in Disney Springs? My son is interested in the description, but we can’t find any more information about it than that. “Muddle fresh ingredients at your table to create your own infused beverages.”

Gosh I wish you had asked this just a couple of days ago! We were there on Thursday afternoon. I did see it on the menu but didn’t look any more into it. It’s a great space up there, worth the trip up even if you decide against this particular item.

Club Cool in Epcot is another Coke experience. I believe there are about eight different flavors to sample. Watch out for Italy’s favor. :nauseated_face:

Club Cool, though, is like Coke Store Lite. It only has the samples, nothing else.

That said I would definitely NOT pay for the tray of international samples at Coke Store!

Beverly is my favourite! I don’t understand why people don’t like it.


Also they have a whole adult beverage at Coke Store that is built on Beverly! I almost got it :wink: (I’m one of the odd ones who likes Bev)


One day, lets get together and have a round of Beverly’s Revenge at Coke Store together :heart:


Yuk! :persevere:

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Definitely! You don’t have a trip planned in August do you?!

I don’t
But there’s a long time between April and December so maybe, just maybe… :wink:

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Well if you end up being there when I am, meeting you for a Beverly’s Revenge will be my top priority!

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Dates please?

2nd arriving early evening to 16th leaving probably early afternoon. Staying at POFQ.

Aw crap. That’s not gonna happen. I’ve got vacation just before that.


Next go - we’ll coordinate, k?

For sure.

Going back to Rye? If so say hi to Petey’s.

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Rye every summer!!!

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I remember when my kids were little, they served me up the legendary Beverly and were watching me intently when I drank it. I did my level best to have a poker face but it was quite a task! Good thing I knew what they were up to.

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I got some good pics of DH and the kids trying it the first time! It’s safe to say I’m the only fan.