Create Touring Plan taking unknown check-in time into account?

We are going to WDW for the first time at the end of April staying at the Coronado Springs. We arrive at 11 am and I would like to go to the Magic Kingdom as soon as possible. However, once our room may not be ready until 3 pm, I know that we will want to go back to the room to unpack. What is the best way to create a touring plan to take this into consideration?

Since you know the room will be ready (or really should be ready) at 3, plan to tour for a few hours between arriving and heading back to CS.

If you find once you’re there that you’re more into being at MK until, say dinner time, just check the lines app while you’re in the park and add a few things to your afternoon plan. Your bags and room will still be waiting for you when you’re ready to go to it.

It’s an exciting moment when you get that text that the room is ready, especially if it gives you the room number. We were in Adventureland when we were notified on our last trip. We made our way to BLT shortly thereafter. We were really looking forward to seeing the room in person.

Do you plan on going back to a park after settling in? Or will you be done for the day? That may also affect how much time you end up spending at MK in the afternoon.

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Thanks for the reply, that makes a lot of sense. We are planning to go back to the park so I scheduled a two hour break after the Festival of Fantasy Parade and then an hour break after that for dinner at the Friar’s Nook. I figured that should be enough time and we can take advantage of the EMH Evening Hours.

These touring plans are a little addictive.

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Ok, so you’re thinking:
Check in
Head to MK
Tour and see F of F parade
2 hour break (go back to CS to unpack?)
Back to MK
Dinner at Friar’s Nook
EMH touring

Sounds great!

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One other thing to take into account is that if you do on-line check-in, your room may be ready at or near your arrival time. When we went in December, we arrived at the resort about 12:30 and we got our room assignment text within just a few minutes. So there’s a chance you may not need to return to the resort…


I would make 2 plans- one like @disney1974 suggests and another taking into account room being ready on arrival. When you get off DME you will know which plan to choose! Also I would take in5o account that it will prob be 3 hours from flight arrival until you are at MK.


Wow, three hours? I was only thinking two. Thanks for the info and I like the idea of two plans!

I would budget 3. It took us 2.45, and we monorailed from CR…

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Three hours seems to be a very good rule of thumb. Our plane landed just after 11:00 at MCO, and we made it to MK from POFQ just after 2:00.