Crazy Short Wait Times?

Friday, 3/26, TP predicts a crowd level 8 at USF, but my touring plan has no waits of more than 25 minutes all day? Gringotts with a 0 minute wait a half hour after park opening? RRR with an 8 minute wait at 9:30 am?

I’d love to believe it, but I don’t. What’s going on?

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Your walk times seem extremely quick too

I’m sorry to say, but this plan looks extremely unrealistic to me. Even if, in a best case scenario, Gringotts is a walk on, you still have a few minutes of time walking through the line. And I would be beyond shocked if it was a zero minute wait. I have also never, ever seen RRR have that short of a wait. It almost seems like a glitch in the software. I would wait a couple days and try optimizing it again and see if it becomes more realistic.

Thanks, that’s what I thought. And it’s with a “relaxed” walking speed, too!


Then that’s even more of a red flag. I always mark a relaxed walking speed when I know I walk faster, and my walk times are definitely more than that.

Were you ever able to figure out why your plan looks this way? I am also struggling with my touring pans for 3/28-3/31. They seem very unrealistic.

No. I’m going to wait until closer to my trip to see if the estimates improve.

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