Crazy idea? AK EMH to Blizzard Beach

Hi everyone! I am traveling with my husband, DD5 and DD(almost)3 to WDW in May. We are planning to go to Blizzard Beach on a morning that AK has EMH. I understand that we already have to go to AK to switch buses. Is it crazy to try to RD AK before heading to Blizzard Beach for its opening? I can’t decide if it would be too harried and too many trips through security with small kids for only a short time in AK.

Here’s what I’m thinking:
Arrive at AK at 7:30 AM to be at the back of the RD crowd.
Hit Navi River and KS which should be walk on or short lines. I think Pandora usually opens a little before 8 AM, so we should be able to get both done by 8:30 AMish.
Get some coffee and wander Gorilla trails for a bit to decompress and let the kids play.
Hop on a 9:30 AM bus to Blizzard Beach. We don’t need to be at Blizzard Beach before opening since our kids aren’t tall enough for many of the slides, but we’d like to be there in time to enjoy a quiet-ish park for a bit.
Leave BB after lunch for naps, perhaps by Minnie Van? We need 2 car seats.
Hop to Epcot around 4 PM, as we have an evening FP for FEA.

We could easily cut the AK EMH, but that will probably mean that we won’t ride Navi River this trip. Is this too much?


I actually love your plan. Will you have a stroller to store all your extra stuff in?

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It sounds fantastic. Using RD to do other rides while FoP is everyone – and I mean everyone - else’s priority is such a great idea.


Thanks! We will have a double stroller. I wouldn’t try to do RD with our almost 3 yo on foot–we’d end up hauling her and all of our swimming stuff. I’m assuming there’s stroller parking at BB?

Does anyone know if the AK bus lines for BB get backed at opening? If we need to get back to wait in lines for a bus, I’d want to leave more time.

I hate to rain on your parade but I thought KS does not open till 9 am.

It should work – KS is among the attractions open

Ok I stand corrected last June it did not open till 9 am when we were there so it should work for you.

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As long as your family is energetic and enjoys that kind of go-go-go mentality, I think it sounds fantastic! My only caution is not to wear your family out by packing every day from early morning till night. When I went last May with my then 5 and 3 year old kiddos (and my DH and MIL) I packed our days too full for them, and people got worn out. DS slept though the fireworks at Epcot one night and another night he basically fell asleep at BOG for dinner (MIL took him back to the hotel, so he missed the HEA fireworks too). DD fell ill and had to stay at the hotel and rest on the morning we were going to to CRT. this time, I’m planning on doing a little more pool time and earlier bedtimes.

Yea my kids pooped out early by like 1 ( 5 and 2) we went out after a break but it was a struggle. I’m planning more pools and just a dinner at night next time…

Having said that if your family is up for it, I think your plan looks amazing!!!

Edit— I wanted to add maybe just be flexible with the Epcot plans… are you staying near Epcot?

We’re staying at Poly so we can monorail to Epcot. We wouldn’t stay for Illuminations. FP for FEA at 5:30. Dinner reservation for 6:30 PM. Meet Anna and Elsa before or after. Head back.

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I think water parks open at 10:00 so that sounds like a great time to get there. I have wondered about doing the same thing so let us know how it works!!

Sounds great monorail will be fun for them too.
We loved the poly in November! So convenient

Thanks! It’s so so hard to know what is too much. Right now we’re planning to be back at the resort every night around 8 PM with two exceptions:

– One afternoon we’ll be back by 3 or 4 PM and do a twilight feast plus the pool

– The last night when we’ll do the HEA dessert party. I’d like them to see at least one fireworks display and that seems like the best one to do.

I’m hoping this is enough with mid-day naps. We should be back at the room for 3-4 hours most days, so the kids should be able to take a solid nap.

I was thinking this in my head a few days ago and trying to make it work. I think it sounds like an awesome idea. Although we are doing some of the slides so I guess I’d have to leave a little earlier from AK to rope drop BB. Wonder how often the buses leave from AK to get to BB? Or did someone mention that already?

We had a short, fairly last minute trip in October, and we RD’d amEMH at AK (rode FoP) and then bused over to RD DHS Toy Story Land :grinning: Took a long mid-day break at the pool and hit Disney Springs (including the Void) in the evening. I think what you’re proposing is very doable.

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I don’t think there’s a direct bus from AK to BB… has anyone mentioned that yet?

I understood that all guests have to transfer at AK to get a bus to BB. Someone please tell me if I’m wrong.

The All Stars and Coronado might still have direct buses to BB but all other resorts go through AK and all resorts transfer at DS for TL.

Sorry, I’ve always stayed at the All Stars so I guess that’s where I was confused.

Just saw this, so plan may not be as feasible. This link says in order to get to BB, you’d have to go back to resort. I guess there’s always Uher.