Crazy day or what?

It will be our 3rd day in a row for RD (and our last day in the World). We are normally office workers with teens. Our other WDW days will end around dinner time with a much needed dip in our pool/hot tub.

Would you attempt this as your MK day or should I just pick either RD or late day ?


It’s aggressive. Not sure I’d be up for it, but the other thing I’d ask would be what happens if you tire out and bail early? You just don’t see HEA? Any rides you’d totally miss that you desperately want to do? If HEA isn’t a must do and none of your late rides are your only chance, then there’s not much downside to trying and if you fail and leave early it’s not much of a loss. If this is your only chance at HEA and someone in your family desperately wants to see it, then it might be real ambitious.

I think a lot depends on time of year. If it’s summer, I don’t think you will make it due to the exhausting heat/humidity. If it’s a more moderate time of year you have a shot as you have a decent number of attractions planned which can offer a respite to get your legs back…

I would move any must do rides up in the day just to make sure you last that long at least though.

This is March break. A CL 8 day at MK. The only reason for this is the 8:15pm FP for SDMT. If I could get one earlier, I’d do that and call it a day around dinner. But if I have to stay for that, I might as well make use of it and see HEA and then use the small crowd times for repeats of stuff.

My only other option is to go later in the day, but I the plan then puts all my ‘must do’ rides in the evening and I don’t want to risk not getting them because we’ve run out of time or something is down that was up earlier in the day. This is our only MK day and probably our last trip for a very long time (if ever).

If everyone in my family was up for it, I would do it. Just mind that you may need to bail early if your family is exhausted.

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For our spring break trip coming up, we have 9 park days (10 day trip). We plan to RD each park 1x. Our first MK day with hours of 9 am -10 pm was planned as a RD to close. A couple days ago, park hours were extended to 8 am - 11 pm making RD to close even more difficult. We want to RD with early FPP and then have CRT at night and want to watch HEA and close the park. So, I am trying to work in a mid-day break, which we typically don’t do. Usually we do RD to dinner or noon to close. All that to say I feel your pain!

You do have a pretty relaxing afternoon to recharge from 300 to 645 though. Have you played with your times/attractions and cut what you could live without and see if a good break fits in? Is it your last park day of the vacation or are you going to other parks out of Disney next? If the first, I’d say soldier on if a break won’t work if your teens are on board, You’ll be exhausted but feel accomplished. :slight_smile:

You are going back and forth across the park a lot without much break time. Tomorrowland to Frontierland back to Tomorrowland (via Adventureland) back to Frontierland/Liberty Square to Fantasyland back to Tomorroland and back to Fantasyland!

You might drop of a few things there, or re-arrange to avoid so much back-tracking.

Tom Sawyer Island you don’t have enough time allocated for. I’d say at LEAST an hour is needed unless you are just going over, doing a cursory glance, and coming back. Lots to explore. You COULD spend 2 hours there if you wanted to! So, either drop it entirely, or add some additional time for it.

I’d might drop the second Space Ranger Spin as well, if I were you.

Do your teenagers normally get up early? If not, i would say definitely no to a 3rd RD day.

This is our last park day of the 4. We will be heading out the day after. And we are offsite.

You’re right, @ryan1 that I do have a lot of criss-crossing. The morning won’t bother us, as that’s pretty much how we do it other times. It’s the afternoon where we start to get clogged down. We aren’t crowd people. Okay, DH hates crowds, which is why I do my FPs in the afternoon. If I could move that SDMT to the afternoon, I’d be all over leaving earlier, which is why I want to have my “must dos” done before the evening.

Tom Sawyer Island is supposed to be a break, but yeah, I’ve started to fill in that break. 2 hours you say? We have teens, not little ones, so do you think they’ll be entertained that long? Also, will there be places for DH and I to crash for half an hour of just sit time? I mean plenty of places, not lucky if we find one.

Buzz Lightyear is a favourite, but there are others I could drop.

I don’t think you’ll want 2 hours. I just mean there is enough to do that you COULD fill 2 hours. But to me, unless you are just want to go quickly without collection $200 and without passing GO, you should allocate about an hour total.

Yes. There are several places you can sit and rest. We sometimes sit along the river in the rocking chairs. Also, over in the Fort, you can sit for a bit.

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There are several times you are crossing the park for one ride or even a QS.meal and then back across to where you were.

That would be where I would stop and rethink.

Starts OK, then after HM, why go back to Cosmic Ray’s only to go back across the park to BTMR, and back again just to do the Laugh Floor? I would find somewhere closer and move Laugh Floor elsewhere.

TSI will take more than 30 minutes. You could be waiting 10/15 just to get on a raft and again coming back.

From Liberty Square to Tony’s and back to Small World, Under the Sea to Buzz and back to 7dmt. Again, move Buzz to do with Laugh Floor and CoP.

Then after HEA you have two 30 minute waits to ride 7dmt again and PP.

This makes me feel woozy just thinking about the cris crossing.

But ultimately if you’re happy with it the do it!

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Well, that’s the silliest piece of advice I ever heard! If WE wouldn’t be happy doing it, then THEY shouldn’t be, either! Our way, or the highway! You’d think someone is paying for a trip to Disney so that they could do what THEY want. It is all for OUR benefit, not theirs!


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Excellent input. I know this isn’t the end, as we still have 3 weeks before that day, but definitely things to keep in mind. Thanks.

One thing to think about is the night before you may have an idea of how tired the family is feeling or if everyone is ready for an all out day. If you’re not sure you will make it late I would Rd 7d that way you can still ride all the coasters.

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I did look at RD SDMT, but I haven’t done that before and I know it’s harder and longer than Space will be. That said, we probably only want to do Space once, so maybe that’s the better way to go.

I guess I partly feel like I can’t believe I actually scored a SDMT FP at 30 days, so I feel obligated to use it, even if I’m moving it around, I don’t feel like I want to lose something I worked so hard to get.

Haven’t read all of the responses, but that’s a lot of criss-crossing the park. HM to Cosmic Rays back to BTMRR. Then immediately back to Monsters Inc. That would drive me nuts.

That said, only you know what works best for your family!

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Agreed. I switched Monsters and BTMRR around, so now it’s Cosmic Ray’s, then Monsters then BTMRR. That does make more sense.

We like Cosmic Ray’s and we’re having dinner at Tony’s, so that’s why I have us eating there.

I scored a 4:35pm FP for SDMT!!! Yep, just now! (1:12amEST) I’m so excited I won’t be able to sleep for awhile for sure.

Dreams really do come true, folks. :grin:

Now on to my next mission… scoring FPs for FOP and SDD in 20 days!


What a fun day!!! Nice score changing the 7DMT! Here’s my thoughts…copy the plan, then choose “minimize walking” and see what happens. Also during the parade you might want to ride things with normally longer wait times and save COP and TOm Sawyer Island for when everything is crowded (maybe get right back on SM after your FP). You might want to see if you can modify your BTMR fastpass and do the rides back to back just to minimize backtracking. Have a great trip!

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Thanks. I actually did a happy dance last night.

Good call about the parade. We don’t usually watch that anyway. I’ll try to minimize walking. It will be interesting to see what happens.