Crazy crowds on 1/24 at Magic Kingdom

Definitely not a 4 here at Magic Kingdom. It’s like holiday level crowds here. 70 minutes wait for Pirates, 50 minutes for Astro Orbiter, 25 minutes for People Mover, 85 minutes for Big Thunder, 100 minutes for Peter Pan. Plan times have been completely off. The Touring Plans app keeps thinking the times will go down, but none of them are. Nobody has any idea why it’s so bad here today.


Posted or actual??

CMs are even perplexed about the crowds at this time of year

This is not encouraging. Perhaps they need to double admission prices to control the crowds :wink:


I would say, “Bite your tongue!” But you did include the wink :wink: emoji :rofl:


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Monday is usually the busiest of the week because most people travel Sunday and want to visit MK first.


I looked at wait times about an hour ago and everything was over 65 minutes?

It’s almost like the holiday crowd held off for a month because of the latest wave…
not sure how many people can actually re-schedule a Disney trip to try again a month later but


Yeah, although I understand Monday can be busy, this is way off from a normal January Monday. Times in my message are the posted times, but most posted times are pretty accurate so far today. I waited 25 minutes for People Mover. :frowning: Our day is being saved by Genie Plus. Definitely worth it today, but still 2-3 hours between passes.


Another example is that I just waited 30 minutes to get a Dole Whip. That’s after my mobile ordering return time.


This is the thing that drives me positively bonkers.

I’m mobile ordering so there shouldn’t be a wait. The point of it (initially) was to avoid people waiting in crowds together to order food. Now they just wait in crowds at the restaurant entrance until their mobile order is ready.

They should know how many orders they can process in an hour - and they shouldn’t take more orders than that (or only a small percentage more as accounted for by expected no-show/cancellation)


even Under the Sea has an expected wait of 55 min at 5:10 pm! That is crowded. Wonder why so many people on January 24?

I totally agree with you. I almost think it was shorter for people waiting in the regular lane. I’d wished I’d watched them and timed it. It was just a big crowd of frustrated people standing around the lady guarding the mobile order area.

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So for those with lots of experience on this forum, should I expect bad tomorrow, too? Hollywood Studios is supposed to be a 3 tomorrow. Is everyone going to go from MK today to HS tomorrow?

Well American spring break never ends so…

We just left yesterday after a week there and I agree it is busier than normal January crowds.

Even Barnstormer has a posted wait of 50 minutes!

Better than 7 hours for a Figment Bucket with Rainbow Popcorn.


I think you might be right. The marathon week we were supposed to be there there was a sudden massive availability a few days out from us checking into to WDW hotel. I think maybe some of those people just bumped their reservations out until they were past their quarantine?

*We were supposed to have 9s and 10s in crow levels and in reality the historical ones were 4-6…those people just waited a week or two.