Cram 5 into AKL room?

We have a reservation for two nights in an AKL savanna view room. When I booked it, our party was three adults and one 7 year old. Now we’re also bringing my 10 year old nephew.

Since there is no fifth sleeping surface, it doesn’t appear possible to add him to the reservation. But I know DS7 could fit in a queen bed with DW and I. Is that a bad idea?

This will be the final stop of a split-stay. The main issue I can think of is EE on the second day. When they scan my band it will show 4, not 5. I imagine DW would gladly sleep in that day if she needs to though. Any other problems with an “undocumented” guest?

I know we could switch to a one-bedroom, but that’s an extra $400 a night. :dizzy_face:

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What is the official capacity of the room? I would caution never to exceed official capacity. For one, the capacity is there for other reasons than just sleeping surfaces (fire code).

For another, that individual would be locked out of certain benefits, such as early entry, Deluxe EEH, and using their MB to charge things to the room. However, that’s less of an issue now that you don’t need a reservation to get Fastpasses at the “on-site” date (for now – this may change, so if your stay is more than a couple of months out I would be extra cautious).

That said, I think it largely depends on the size of the three adults. Five is tight in an AKL room, but it would be fine with three kids and two adults.

Personally, I would recommend switching to Poly or another hotel that has a fifth sleeping surface if you can find one, or even a cheaper resort 1BR, like OKW or SSR.


Note that for EE they usually don’t scan everyone’s bands to my knowledge – just the first person in the party as you are entering. I can’t remember what they do for EEH. :thinking: You wouldn’t be able to get a VQ for the 5th individual at 6pm for sure.

Right. I was just worried about what they check on the tablet after scanning. Since they ask for a number of guests, I assumed they checked that versus the reservation details.

Deluxe EEH won’t be an issue, since we would check into AKL on Thursday and check out Saturday. Friday is the only park day. This is a quick return trip I’m planning for the last week in May.

Officially the room sleeps 4 (plus 1 in a crib). We’re average sized at most. DS7 is maybe 55 pounds.

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They might. They also just might want to know how many are in your party so they can count you as you go by. Not clear.

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Since you’re not doing EEH (when we each had to scan into every ride) it all hinges on early entry.

What park are you going to be going to? Because everyone will have to scan in to be able to enter the park for EE. MK will be fine because everyone can enter as far as the Hub, but I’m not sure all the other parks do the same. So you may have a problem there if non resort guests are held outside.

If you can all get into the park, the CMs at rides (or some point in the park like the Hub st MK) might also ask to scan everyone &/or cross check.

And even if you go without DW, if they cross check and see 2 adults when you are the only adult they might then ask everyone to scan to check who is eligible.

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AK. We did EE there last month and I already forgot how it worked.

If it is discovered that you have more than the legal capacity of the room you would be forced to vacate.

4 + 1 in a crib doesn’t mean 5. It means 4 plus a child age 2 or under.

I would definitely not do this, and would highly encourage you to move to a hotel room that offers 5th sleeper.


Thank you! We will heed your warning. Probably have to settle for a standard view one bedroom.

I really hope Disney keeps adding the fifth sleeper to more resorts though. It’s such a nice option.

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100% agree!

We were able to sleep four adults and a two year old in the one bedroom. Two adults in the bedroom. Mom and baby on the fold out bed and myself in the fold out chair - which was much more comfortable than I imagined. Plus two bathrooms, which was much needed with that many adults.

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Oof, I found the fold out chair horrifically uncomfortable when I slept on one in February. Slept on it might be a bit of an overstatement really :sweat_smile:


I typically sleep about 4 to 6 hours when I’m in Disney, so probably didn’t spend enough time on it. I thought it was going to be horrible, but it was ok.

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