CR to MK. ?Monorail or walk

Hello, Just wondering the approx time it would take to get the monorail from CR to MK…as far as i can tell, we would be going the opposite direction and would have to go via GF and Poly? We will be pushing two strollers and possibly a wheelchair…so the monorail would be convenient, but i’m still wondering if it would be best to plan to walk.

It will be faster to walk. You are right, the monorail has to stop at the TTC, Poly, and GF before it gets to MK. It also stops a lot on the tracks and can be a frustrating experience. I’d walk.

I’d vote for walk. As a first timer a month ago, we had two 5 year olds without a stroller and it was easier to walk. Took us about 10 minutes to get from CR front doors to security gate at MK. Pushing strollers and wheelchair should only make it faster, if not easier. It’s a nice wide stroller/wheelchair accessible pathway the whole way.

We never did the monorail to CR around the lake, so not sure of time. However, we took the monorail back from MK a couple times – given waiting for a train, it may have still been faster to walk.

I’ve never had to deal with strollers or wheelchairs, but I always walk between the two. I think the walking would work better especially in the AM when trying to make RD. At the end of the day, the mono-to-CR is a direct shot, and might be a welcomed break for tired feet - although given the usual end-of-day lines at the mono, you’ll get back to your room a lot faster walking.