CP for lunch or BOG during MVMCP

Need some opinions here. We can either do Crystal Palace for lunch at 2:35 and have a big buffet and be full for the evening (we will be at MVMCP). Or we can do a light QS lunch and do a 6:40 dinner at BOG and if it runs late or service is slow, we miss a big chunk of the party. We have done both restaurants before and we have done the party twice. We don’t have a dining plan, so it’s paid out of pocket. We have 10 year old b/g twins and a 7 y/o girl. Thanks!

I would have the late lunch. If you book the dinner you will most likely be spending the first hour of the party eating.

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Agreed. We did Be Our Guest our very first dinner there during MVMCP, however. We are super fans, however I was sad at how much time it took from the party.

If you can possibly go to BOG another time, do that. Otherwise, though, and if you are super fans like us, do it anyways. Just eat quick!

Definitely lunch.

Thanks everyone. My DD really wanted BOG but the timing is awful. We will definitely keep looking but we booked the CP and cancelled BOG. We will be back the first week of October next year, hopefully the dining won’t be so booked then and we can get in our favorite restaurants.

Have you set up the reservation finder? You may be able to get a better time for BOG!

I have, it’s been set up for 2 months, nothing :frowning: