CP/EMH (off-property)

I’m heading to Orlando for a conference and bring along my DH and DD2 since I’ll have downtime. Unfortunately, this is during the last week of June/4th of July week. We’re staying off-property near the Convention Center - so I’m figuring an hour and a half each day from door to door? The only early morning free is also an EMH at MK - and we have 8:15 a.m. CP reservations. Will we be OK getting in to the CP by 8:15 if we arrive to MK gates around 7:45…and can’t participate in EMH since we are off-property?

Hmm honestly don’t know much about this, you may have to walk to Poly from TTC to catch the monorail, unless there is a special place where they let you through at the TTC. The masses that are from off property will be held at the TTC until the correct opening time.

You should be able to get in with an ADR and at MK early EMH I don’t think they even bother scanning bands so if you happen to get done before the park officially opens you should be allowed to ride rides as well.