CP ADR later than the show - where to get tickets?


I have a reservation for the Candlelight processional dining package at 8:20PM, and the show I have to attend is 5PM. However, the information I got said to get the tickets at the restaurant when attending the dining reservation, which is impossible since the DR is later? Where do I have to pick up my tickets in this case?

Also, I have prepaid the ADR because I didn’t have DDP yet back then. Do I have to let them I’ll be using DDP in advance? Where should I do this in the resort?

If I recall from my similiar dinner after the show experience they have a list of names to allow entry into the show, much like a list of names for PPO ADRs

We had that situation with our Festival of the Lion King package last week. We just stopped at Tiffins and got our ticket earlier in the day. They had it ready for us, but they did also have a list of people at the theatre, so I am not sure it was necessary. It was easy to get them early though.

Thanks! That was very helpful! I’ll try and get them in advance just to be sure, and otherwise I know I probably shouldn’t fret too much about it :smiley: